• "Revival! The Experience"

    The Amsterdam News is proud to share an exclusive first look at distinguished actor Harry Lennix's upcoming film "Revival! The Experience"

  • Trump addresses Charlottesville clashes (full)

    President Donald Trump condemned the hate "on many sides" in response to violence at a white nationalist rally in in Charlottesville, Virginia.

  • UN: Famine threatens millions in Africa

    Jeffrey Gettleman of The New York Times discusses what is being called the largest humanitarian crisis in 70 years.

  • Maxine Waters slams Trump: Let's talk impeachment

    Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters had some choice words for President Trump, saying Trump has done some outrageous things since becoming president -- including "concocting a scheme" with House Intel chair Devin Nunes.

  • Muslim women rap against intolerance

    28-year-old Syrian-American Mona Haydar released a rap video that celebrates Muslim women wearing hijabs

  • Susan Rice: Trump claims 'absolutely false'

    Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice denied unmasking Trump transition aides and called the unproven allegations against her "absolutely false."

  • Ramarley Graham's mother outlines her demands for justice

    Ramarley Graham's mother, Constance Malcolm continues her quest for justice after the NYPD officer who unjustly killed her son resigns.

  • Disney Dreamers Academy 2017

    Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine host 100 teen from across the nation at the 2017 Disney Dreamers Academy at Walt Disney World

  • 4.9 million hit by famine in South Sudan

    Famine in South Sudan has left 100,000 people on the verge of starvation and almost 5 million people, more than 40% of the country's population, in need of urgent help, aid agencies say. CNN's Farai Sevenzo reports.

  • What motivated Michael Jackson's final tour

    This clip from "How It Really Happened: What Killed Michael Jackson," examines some of the factors that led to Jackson's final concert series. Category

  • INSIDE AFRICA: Traditional South African healing

    A healer in training explains the rituals and spiritual calling that can only come from "the ancestors".

  • Brawl Breaks Out Inside Of Seafood City In The Bronx

    On Feb. 23 patrons at Seafood City fighting and throwing chairs. According to the local police precinct, the brawl began at nearby Johnny's Reef and subsequently spilled over into Seafood City. At least 15 people are seen in the video participating in the fight. Local officials are calling for a review of Seafood City's liquor license.

  • Chairman Nasser J. Kazeminy interviews iconic NY Congressman Charles Rangel

    Recently former NY congressman Charles Rangel sat down for a Q&A with Nasser Kazeminy, the chairman of NECO -National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations, and a first-generation immigrant from Iran. Rangel sits on the board of NECO, but more importantly is an old friend of Kazeminy’s, with a similar story of making his own way as an American during incredibly formative years for this country.

  • April Ryan: When Trump said it, I was shocked

    April Ryan, an African-American reporter who asked President Trump a question about the CBC at a recent press conference, speaks with CNN's Don Lemon about her exchange with Trump.

  • 10-year-old rapper has a message to share

    Lil C-Note might only be in 5th grade, but he's already making a splash in the rap world.

  • Movie Pass: "Fist Fight"

    Ice Cube and Charlie Day are teachers headed for an after-school showdown in the parking lot in "Fist Fight."

  • Simone Biles rules at the Laureus Awards

    Laureus Sportswoman of the Year and four-time Olympic Gold medal gymnast, Simone Biles, speaks to Amanda Davies.

  • Jim Brown on Donald Trump: He has "my admiration"

    On the heels of a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, legendary NFL superstar Jim Brown tells Brooke Baldwin he has "my admiration"

  • Will Kanye perform at Trump's inauguration?

    Tom Barrack Jr. joins Erin Burnett to share details of Donald Trump's forthcoming presidential inauguration, including whether Kanye West will perform

  • Prince fans celebrate Christmas in purple

    From Christmas trees to lights, fans have found a way to honor the late Prince this holiday season.