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Study: Public schools aren’t participating in family/community engagement

A new study conducted by Rice University suggests that “family and community engagement” were the biggest drivers of a parent’s satisfaction with their child’s school.

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Skyhorse employees look to the NLRB to help unionize

Employees at an independently owned, Manhattan-based publisher have filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to request an election to vote for unionization.

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EMS unions claim discrimination, demand city hand over payroll records

“Ever since the EMS became part of the fire department in 1996, the bureau hasn’t been recognized as the uniform service it is,” said Yetta Kurland of The Kurland Group and attorney for Locals 2507 and 3621 to the AmNews.

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Diabetes center opens in the South Bronx

Right off “The Hub” shopping area at East 148th Street and Third Avenue, the Diabetes Relief Center’s South Bronx location finds itself in ground zero of the epidemic.

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Labor and activists celebrate pushback against constitutional convention

Last week, New York State voters roundly rejected a constitutional convention, fearing the deep pockets of big business influencing Albany more than ever.

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Study: White men are overrepresented in politics

A new report by an organization focused on democratic representation revealed something others have felt for a while: how little nonwhites are represented in American government.

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DNAInfo NY and Gothamist shut down; employees fight back

Local journalism was dealt another blow last week when DNAInfo and Gothamist were shut down by their billionaire owner.

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Virginia is for (Dem) lovers

Democrats saw victories across the country as the progressive backlash to the 2016 presidential election proved to be a guiding force. One of the biggest examples of this happened in the state of Virginia.

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Two cops suspended and charged with rape

Two detectives working in Brooklyn have been suspended after being charged for sexual misconduct.

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Jemele Hill suspended by ESPN, activists cry foul

ESPN’s co-host of SportsCenter and commentator Jemele Hill finds herself in yet another controversy. The network suspended Hill for two weeks Monday after violating their social media policy a second time.

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