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Robbers and killers in home invasion case apprehended, one still sought

“There are no words to properly capture the outrage our community is experiencing over the death of Waldiman Thompson, a 91-year-old resident of Decatur Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant who, along with his 100-year-old wife Ethlin, were the victim of a deadly home invasion,” Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams told the Amsterdam News.

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Storms' Aftermath: NYers front and center in hurricane relief

With some flooded and battered areas still unreachable, and fear of disease spreading in many of the hurricane-hammered Caribbean countries, residents of many islands are struggling to find some degree of normalcy, as the pursuit for food, water, shelter and electricity remains a priority.

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Trump Charlottesville fallout continues

Even those critics who have developed an impenetrable steel-like facade to the almost daily panned President Donald Trump statements, tweets and actions were astounded as he likened the flag-carrying, torch-wielding, stick-waving neo-Nazis and their ilk to the mostly white counter-protestors in Virginia.

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Annual SOURCE360 to talk social justice, music, technology and leadership

There’s going to be a hip-hop/social justice takeover in Brooklyn next week as the fourth SOURCE360 Festival and Conference takes over several venues, Brooklyn blocks and street corners. Hip-hop artists, social justice, civil action, progressive politics and rap predictions and expectations panels are all a part of the extensive four-day program.

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Summer shooting madness

A warm summer July night brought out yet more blue and white police cars and yellow and black caution tape and shell casings, with uniformed officers and detectives surrounding an active scene.

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Anti-violence groups working toward 'Summer of Peace'

June is Gun Awareness Month, highlighting the sharp increase in firearm fatalities and survivors.

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Fire tragedy hits Queens families

“Please take care of your kids,” said grieving mother Dajuana Green. Family members, firefighters and residents were left devastated Sunday when fire ripped through a wood framed house at 2:36 p.m. April 23, leaving four children and teens and one adult dead.

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Saturday’s 21st Annual Freedom Fighter Dinner Tribute

Some grassroots activists had hoped that by January this year former President Barack Obama would have addressed, if not released, some of the nation’s decades-long serving political prisoners on his way out of the White House.

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Executive disorder: Trump ban leads to chaos and mass mobilizations

“Flagrantly unconstitutional,” is what New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman called President Donald Trump’s Friday, 27, 2017, executive orders suspending the admission of all refugees for 120 days and banning the admittance of Muslims from Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Yemen into the U.S. and barring all Syrian refugees indefinitely.

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