Nayaba Arinde

Nayaba Arinde has been the Editor of the New York Amsterdam News since 2005. She is a multiple award winning journalist and activist. As well as being an editor she also reports on social justice, politics, education and institutional racism. As a breast cancer survivor since 2007 and a single mother of 2 living with Multiple Sclerosis she has been a ongoing advocate for women’s health.

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'Panthers' fiction, and the harsh Black Panther reality

Sumptuous scenes and luscious garments quietly screaming African strength and pride in every seam and fold worn by stoic warriors with powerful speeches is the Marvel Studios-Walt Disney production of “Black Panther.”

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Harlem holds homegoing services for Erica Garner

Harlem’s First Corinthians Baptist Church was packed Monday, Jan. 8, 2018, for the wake and funeral service for Erica Garner, 27, the mother-turned-activist who fought for justice for her father Eric Garner until her untimely early end.

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Councilmember Inez Barron announces her candidacy for City Council speaker

“I am running as a candidate for speaker of New York City Council,” City Councilmember Inez Barron announced at a first day of Kwanzaa—Umoja—unity rally Tuesday night.

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Mohamed Bah’s family reacts to $2.2 million civil cop shooting settlement

In Manhattan Tuesday, a federal jury determined that the family of Mohammad Bah, a mentally ill Guinea native who was shot eight times and killed in his home by three New York City police officers 2012, should be compensated for their loss with a $2.2 million settlement.

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New Yorkers focus on hurricane-hit Caribbean rebuild

“Maria has finally left us, Lee is still around, but not posing a threat. Nothing else on the horizon, just a tropical wave a long way away and another one just rolled off Africa...

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Protect the Babies: Shooting of 5-year-old alarms city

At press time, Jaheen Hunter was reported to still be in critical condition at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

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Mother of six gunned down, family/community outraged

A gunshot to the head struck MTA train conductor Jacqueline Dicks, 41, a mother of six, shattering the close-to-midnight air in East New York, Brooklyn, Monday, May 1, 2017.

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Ebony Alert—Activism in wake of missing DC girls

“The epidemic of sex trafficking in young girls throughout the nation is very high, including New York City.”

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Community questions Howard Beach jogger case

“People that I am taking to in Brooklyn just do not believe the case brought against Chanel Lewis.” community and union activist Daniel Goodine told the Amsterdam News. “They are telling me ‘It ain’t him.’”

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Immigrant hysteria, fear, organizing, protection

Fear and loathing coat the streets of New York City after President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown, as immigrants dodge U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials demanding status and detaining people.

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