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The year in review in Black theater—moving, fresh, phenomenal! Part 2

Aug. 26, 2018, will forever break my heart. The president of AUDELCO, Grace L. Jones, died on that day at the age of 90, after being at the helm of the organization for many years.

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The year in review in Black theater—moving, fresh, phenomenal!

The year 2018 was a year I will never forget in Black theater.

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Remembering NEC Artistic Director Charles Weldon, dead at 78

I remember telling him that this play was such a powerful piece of theater, and his direction was so precise and so stunning that the story just moved me so.

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Civil-rights musical ‘Turning 15’ is powerful theater

Have you ever witnessed a production and thought, “This is so moving, so impressive, so stirring and informative – this is something that can educate people and make them realize their power"?

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The Radio City Christmas Spectacular: Oh what a show!

Every year I look so forward to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

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‘Steppin’ Out With Ben Vereen’—A sensational evening!

Vereen definitely had the audience in the palm of his hand, and it was a wonderful place to be.

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‘School Girls’ is powerful, fun theater

Ghanaian-American writer Jocelyn Bioh has created a powerful, funny, touching story in “School Girls: Or, The African Mean Girls Play.”

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Amazing Grace, amazing evening at 46th annual AUDELCO Awards

The 46th annual AUDELCO Awards held Monday, Nov. 19, at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center was an event to remember! The year’s theme was “Amazing Grace” in honor of the late president of AUDELCO (Audience Development Committee), Grace L. Jones, who died in August at the age of 90.

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‘Eve’s Song’ is wrenching theater

“Eve’s Song” takes you to the ancestors and shares the struggles that Black women face. Playwright Patricia Ione Lloyd paints a picture that states that the first woman in existence was a Black woman named Eve and that is who all Black women descend from.

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‘American Son’ will leave you stunned, moved and changed

Black mothers, hug your sons and hold them close. Keep them safe by letting them know there’s a way to behave if pulled over by the police

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