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An interview with Douriean, Wakanda’s metalsmith

“Black Panther” costume designer Ruth E. Carter found Douriean. As the costume designer on the groundbreaking “Black Panther” movie, directed by Ryan Coogler, Carter’s already legendary status might reach another level altogether.

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'Black Panther’—long live the king

Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther,” is the story of T’Challa, a young African prince who takes on the mantle of king and superhero, and the centuries-old legacy that comes with it.

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Live on MLK Day: 49th NAACP Image Awards

Leonard James III has a voice that is as comforting as running water. It’s low, resonating, authoritative—and it lingers in the mind.

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‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert!’ starring Oscar winner John Legend

While covering the Oscars on behalf of the New York Amsterdam News, I asked John Legend what he loved about being a “storyteller” after he, and Common, won for Best Song, “Glory,” from the film “Selma,” which chronicled the 1965 civil rights march in Selma, Ala.

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A holiday treat in BK: OWN Network’s ‘Checked Inn’

One of the best holiday gifts could be a weekend getaway at one of the best bed-and-breakfasts in the city, which is owned by an African-American family.

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Film Society of Lincoln Center announces The Non-Actor Nov. 23 through Dec. 10

What is a non-actor? It’s a question that’s being asked and answered by The Film Society of Lincoln Center in their brand-new series, beginning Nov. 24.

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Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat’

New York City is my home and has been since the 80s.

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Tommy Davidson brings families together in ABC’s ‘Vacation Creation’

My Google calendar gave me an alert that my presence was expected at the Viceroy Hotel. I was scheduled to interview iconic comedic actor Tommy Davidson—of “In Living Color” fame—about season two of his new show, ABC’s “Vacation Creation,” which premieres Sept. 30.

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Film celebrates superhero Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Marshall said it elegantly and honestly when he said that “sometimes history takes things into its own hands.” The more brutal assessment is that history is told by the victors, not the victims, so the truth is rarely part of what really happened, and therefore history is flimsy and, mostly, false.

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‘Leap!’ into the mind of a tiny dancer with heart

Dreams of being a famous ballet dancer dressed in bright pink tutus and a life filled with dazzling pirouettes, all viewed under the spotlights is what makes this sweet new animated story “Leap!” such a charming cinematic family viewing experience.

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