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Basketball pioneer Solly Walker passes

New York City basketball vanguard Solly Walker has passed. Walker transitioned last Friday at the age of 85. Services for Walker were held this past Monday at Siloam Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn.

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The Wizards must find a way to repel the force of Thomas

Isaiah Thomas may be one of the smallest players in the NBA, yet no one has a bigger heart. Still mourning the tragic death of his younger sister, 22-year-old Chyna Thomas, as a result of an auto accident, which occurred on the eve of the start of the Boston Celtics opening round of the playoffs against the Chicago Bulls, the 5-foot-9 Thomas lifted the Celtics from the depths of a 2-0 deficit to a 4-2 series win after they dropped the first two games at home.

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Forever remembering Greg Marius, basketball and entertainment visionary

There are countless people who have been saddened by the transitioning of Greg Marius this past weekend from his earthly state of being to spiritual bliss, people who barely knew him or never met him at all.

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Left tackle and tight end top the Giants’ list of needs

The seemingly only sure thing in the tenuous world of the National Football League is the New England Patriots will be a Super Bowl contender.

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Raptors look to eliminate underdog Bucks after early series struggles

The Toronto Raptors have been one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference over the past four seasons. From the 2013-14 to the 2015 season, they won the Atlantic Division title three straight years.

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Jackson’s lack of subtlety overshadows the harsh truth

Phil Jackson will never be nominated for a U.S. ambassadorship.

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Top-seeded Celtics stagger on the ropes against the Bulls

Even it was by default, the Boston Celtics claimed the top seed in the Eastern Conference entering the playoffs by finishing 53-29, two games ahead of the 51-31 Cleveland Cavaliers, who had owned the top spot in the conference the previous two regular seasons.

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African-American presence in MLB declines as Jackie Robinson is celebrated

This past Saturday, April 15, marked the 70th anniversary of the Major League Baseball debut of Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson.

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Jackson, Anthony and Porzingis will determine the Knicks’ future

The Knicks ended their long and disconcerting 2016-17 season last night at Madison Square Garden hosting the Philadelphia 76ers, one of the only handful of teams with a worst record than them.

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Is this the beginning of the end of the Cavs’ dominance?

LeBron James is acutely knowledgeable of the components needed to compose a championship team.

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