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Rest in power—Dr. Jack Felder, activist and scientist, passes at 78

For many years, come rain or shine, Dr. Jack Felder, along with his son, Nova, had a permanent spot on 125th Street in front of Mart 125.

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An undaunted civil and human rights advocate, Rep. Charles Diggs Jr.

Current news stories surrounding the political turmoil in Zimbabwe and Kenya, the sexual harassment charges against Rep. John Conyers Jr., remembering Rosa Parks’ iconic moment almost 62 years ago to the day and the ongoing recollection of the tragic death of Emmett Till bring to mind memories of Congressman Charles Diggs Jr. (D-Mich.), who had ties with each of these individuals or events.

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The Miracles’ Pete Moore dies at 79

Whenever the Miracles, Motown’s seminal group, is mentioned, invariably Smokey Robinson is the next word. But by 1975, Robinson was soloing, and it was left for Pete Moore, Ronnie White and Bobby Rogers to maintain things.

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Remember her name—Singer and composer Alberta Hunter

There’s a large blowup photo/poster of famed singer Alberta Hunter in the office of the Edwards Sisters’ Realty in Harlem. Hunter’s naked body is partially covered and at the bottom of the photo is her inscription to a Charlie Parker.

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The Iconic John Conyers I know

I am troubled by the recent allegations of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior levelled against Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.), but there is no way I can be impartial.

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The gifted and talented ex-slave Elizabeth Denison Forth

Among the several riveting discoveries disclosed in Tiya Miles’ book “The Dawn of Detroit—A Chronicle of Slavery and Freedom in the City of Straits” (The New Press, 2017) is the extended discussion on Elizabeth Denison Forth.

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Pianist/composer Alice Coltrane cast her own shadow

By now, many of you have seen the documentary “Chasing Trane,” about the acclaimed musician John Coltrane.

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The muddled Middle East

Dampening the good news from Abu Dhabi about the recent opening of its new Louvre museum, which has already shown signs of boosting tourism and momentarily subsuming its reputation as a mall heaven, is the terrible news that an earthquake on the border of Iran and Iraq Sunday has left more than 400 fatalities, with more expected.

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Harlem’s poet laureate, George Edward Tait, is with the ancestors

Among the last emails George Edward Tait sent to his friends and comrades were his “Occult Observations on the Months of January and February.

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Dakota Staton, a versatile vocalist with fantastic rhythm

Whenever a notable person appears in a profile, particularly when that person is a relative or a close associate, I find it difficult to ignore that individual, and that is certainly the case with songstress Dakota Staton.

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