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‘Listen to your heart,’ on Heart Valve Awareness Day

Recognition of the importance of Heart Valve Awareness Day is practically nonexistent for most Americans, unless you are someone like Candice Tarter, who 12 years ago was afflicted with rheumatic fever that eventually led to four open heart surgeries.

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Hallie Quinn Brown: A pioneer in Black women’s clubs and teacher

Among those several and memorable moments when Hallie Quinn Brown raised her voice against racism and for women’s rights, the one in the summer of 1920 in Tuskegee, Alabama stands out.

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Bernie edges Mayor Pete

Unlike the fiasco in Iowa, the New Hampshire primary did not have to wait for the results that showed Sen. Bernie Sanders as a victor in the still crowded race.

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William Worthy—a radical, intrepid journalist and activist

When intrepid activist and journalist William Worthy died six years ago, I promised that one day he would be featured in the Classroom column, and thus it is this week as we witness the global attack on reporters who dare to speak truth to power.

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Trump’s appeal to Black voters

When it comes to the recognition of the importance of the Black vote, Trump removes his dunce cap.

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Before Rosa Parks there was Ellen Garrison Jackson

In her opinion piece in the New York Times on the film “Little Women,” Kaitlyn Greenidge evoked Ellen Garrison Jackson, a Black girl coming of age in Concord, Mass., whom she contrasted with the white girls in “Little Women.”

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Bolton’s bomb

Former national security adviser John Bolton’s bombshell allegations may not have the devastating impact Democrats desire, but they have caused major fallout on the political front, particularly as the defense closes its argument on the impeachment trial.

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Clarence Muse, a versatile artist and actor of integrity

Late one night recently, I was watching an old film and out of nowhere it seems this Black man commanded the screen.

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Trump on trial

Thus far, the Trump impeachment trial has gone as expected—bitter rancor and blocked amendments.

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Jo Ann Robinson, teacher and civil rights strategist

During a recent event anticipating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday celebration, Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad evoked the name of Jo Ann Robinson.

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