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Dr. Darwin T. Turner, poet, teacher and leading literary critic

When I arrived at the University of Iowa in 1983, Dr. Darwin Theodore Troy Turner had already reached a commanding plateau of his amazing academic career. At that time, he was the University of Iowa Foundation’s Distinguished Professor of English.

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NABJ in NOLA was a Hall of Fame affair

Rather than being upstairs at the Hilton Riverside in New Orleans, where there was a standing room only crowd for the appearance of Omarosa Manigault at the 2017 National Association of Black Journalists conference, a few of us chose to spend the time meeting with the National Writers Union.

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A rogue president

The fissure in the nation’s race relations experienced a more tragic chasm in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend, and it also signaled a further collapse of the Trump administration.

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Sarah Webster Fabio, poet, educator, activist and literary critic

No matter which of the endeavors consumed her at the moment—poet, scholar, educator, musician, activist, literary critic, performer or mother—Sarah Webster Fabio did it with uncommon flair and creativity.

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Trump's words or war...'caught between two maniac

President Trump ratcheted his rhetoric to its most militaristic edge Tuesday, warning North Korea to end its threat against the U.S. or face the “fire and fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before.”

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Dr. S. Allen Counter, ‘the most interesting man in the world’

There is no need to wait for years to go by to enshrine Dr. S. Allen Counter, who died July 12 at his home in Cambridge, Mass. Dr. Counter was 73 and his daughter, Philippa Counter, said the cause of death was cancer

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Kiss the Mooch goodbye

Anthony Scaramucci, the latest victim in the Trump administration, might be said to have tripped over the same tongue that for 10 days as communications director had given him a national platform.

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Regina Anderson Andrews, librarian, playwright and patron of the arts

The storied Harlem Renaissance is replete with authors, but often neglected are the librarians, the bibliophiles who played an important role in keeping the books on the shelves and ensuring a struggling writer’s success.

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Senate debate on Obamacare underway on Capitol Hill

“Let the sideshow begin,” Blue Magic sang years ago, but they could have been talking about the GOP charade, the upcoming vote-a-rama as they reject amendment after amendment on how to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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Jim Ingram, an intrepid reporter and radio commentator

Despite the overwhelming recognition and attention Detroit is receiving in preparation for the 50th anniversary of the rebellion, there are sure to be many interesting elements that will not be covered.

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