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Dr. Doris L. Wethers, led breakthroughs in sickle-cell anemia

Each day when you think you’ve discovered your last “Black First,” another one pops up.

Trump’s so-called emergency challenged by lawsuits

Sixteen states, including New York, have joined a lawsuit filed by Xavier Becerra, attorney general of California, challenging the Trump administration’s move to acquire funds from government agencies to build a wall along the Mexican border.

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Kermit Eady and Zakia Byrd join the ancestors

A celebration of life memorial service was held for Kermit Eady on Tuesday at St. Mark AME Church in Jackson Heights.

Woody Strode, impressive on the gridiron and the screen

Almost on the same day the media was celebrating the centenary of Jackie Robinson’s birth, one of the cable television outlets that feature classic shows broadcast the 1977 TV series “How the West Was Won.”

The halves of Kamala Harris

If presidential aspirant Sen. Kamala Harris of California has put forth progressive domestic proposals, they are often offset and countered by various foreign policy positions.

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A stunning ‘Suite for Malcolm X’ at City College

During his brief but iconic stay with us, Malcolm X (El-Malik El-Shabazz) was an always evolving political leader and thinker.

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Zelda Wynn Valdes, a dress designer of the stars

In a recent edition of The New York Times the special section titled “Overlooked” listed several African-Americans who deserved obituaries but never received them.

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‘Trump lies, democracy dies,’ protesters chanted

“Trump lies, democracy dies!” and “Get Trump out of the White House!” were some of the chants from demonstrators outside Trump Tower and the International Tower near Central Park hours before he delivered his second State of the Union address on Tuesday evening.

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Ewart Abner Jr., an astute visionary in the music industry

It is not necessarily the intention to connect one profile with another in this column, but whenever they are related, it’s hard to ignore the association.

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Trump’s stall on the wall

If things go as they most certainly will, the nation will be stalled again with Trump’s unlikely budge on his demand to get his wall built on our southern border.

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