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Eunice Hunton Carter, a unique attorney and crime fighter

It was a pleasant surprise to learn that Addie Hunton, who I profiled in the Classroom two years ago, had a legacy that was prominently extended two generations.

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Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, sentenced to three years

There was a time when Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, said he would take a bullet for the president.

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Theophilus Lewis, theater critic of the Harlem Renaissance

Even the most definitive books on the Harlem Renaissance and Black theater often omit any mention of Theophilus Lewis, whose reviews, criticisms and journalistic flair expand the era’s prominence and notoriety.

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Former President George H.W. Bush dead at 94

Competitor and conciliator are two words that have abound in describing former President George Herbert Walker Bush, who died last Friday in Houston at 94. But those words do not fully capture what he meant to African-Americans, and for that we can say Willie Horton, Clarence Thomas, William Bennett and Keith Jackson

Mueller mulls Trump surrogates

Wagons are circling, the noose is tightening or the drama is drawing to a close. No matter which of these metaphors you choose, special counsel Robert Mueller’s methodical, secretive probe into the Trump administration’s collusion with Russia during the last presidential campaign might be fully revealed before the end of the week.

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The revolutionary potential of Black Forum Records

Motown Records and its galaxy of musical stars are permanent fixtures in American culture, but very little is known about the company’s subsidiary label, Black Forum. Sunday evening at MOMA PS1, a panel that included Professor Michael Dinwiddie, James Mtume, Sadie Barnette and Rich Medina discussed the label and placed it within the context of Black nationalism and self-determination.

Willa B. Brown, aviator pioneer and activist

For several months now I’ve been in contact with the Robinson Family Aerospace mission, most notably their “send-your-name-to-Mars” project, which is still on my agenda to fulfill.

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Trump adds his rebel yell to Mississippi Senate race

Catching flak from even GOP members for his stance on climate change, with six in 10 Americans disapproving of his leadership, and the Mexican border tearing at the seams, Trump had no choice but to run for cover in Mississippi with an alternate purpose of helping the incumbent Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.

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Police kill the wrong Black man again

“Friendly fire,” and “We shot and killed the wrong man,” are recent responses from police officials in the shootings of innocent Black men that are heard time and time again, and they are as tired as they are iniquitous.

H. Carl McCall and Lloyd Williams are among recipients of honorary doctorates from the University of the West Indies

With so much trouble in the world, as Bob Marley once sang, a lot of good things slip by that deserve wider attention and recognition.

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