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Thomas McCants Stewart, jurist, educator, author and civil rights leader

Among the illustrious Black New Yorkers cited in Carla Peterson’s “Black Gotham: A Family History of African Americans in Nineteenth Century New York City” is Thomas McCants Stewart.

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Trump targets Rep. Omar and incites death threats

Rep. Ilhan Omar is a Muslim, a woman, a refugee and an outspoken critic who speaks truth to power and thus is a perfect foil for attacks and insults from Trump.

Honoring great African-American women of Oberlin

Nothing pleases a writer, reporter or historian more than recognition by his or her peers. And you can understand how overwhelming it was for me to learn that three of my comrades—John Williams, Trust Graham and Ahmed Abdullah—follow this classroom column, two of them avid collectors.

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Hate Fuels New Flames: Black churches burning again

As a bulwark, a sacred refuge and a safe place to organize against racism and bigotry, the Black church has been indispensable.

Can Trump’s immigration policy get worse? Yes

Trump’s revolving door took another precipitous turn the other day with the ouster of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

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Commentary: A day that will live in infamy, the death of Martin Luther King Jr.

April 4, 1968, is a day that will live in infamy. Most Americans can recall...

Tommie Agee, team record holder and amazing Met

Like millions of American boys, I once dreamed of being a Major League Baseball player.

Trump: No more aid for three Central American countries

Time and time again the nation has seen what has become a mantra: What Obama has done Trump will undo.

Ethel Ennis, an unforgettable, angelic voice

Among the LPs in my growing collection in 1958—yes, I’m an old geezer—was one freshly minted by singer Ethel Ennis.

No collusion, no exoneration, no report

It ain’t over until it’s over, a baseball immortal said of a game, and that’s certainly true of the Mueller investigation, despite a summary of his report by Attorney General William Barr.

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