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Trump’s budget a harbinger of ‘spiritual death’

On its surface Trump’s second budget proposal released Monday bolsters military spending while it will leave Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps in tatters.

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Legendary reporter of the Pittsburgh Courier, Frank E. Bolden

Next time you’re in Pittsburgh, set aside some time to visit the Senator John Heinz History Center.

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Sandy Wills, a courageous soldier during the Civil War

Spectrum News NY1 anchor Cheryl Will's pursuit of history has a personal edge that few Black Americans possess, and she has dutifully imparted some of it in two of her books, “Die Free” and “The Emancipation of Grandpa Sandy Wills.”

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From slavery to hair industry millions—Annie Turnbo Malone

In his recently published “Black Fortunes,” Shomari Wills, as the subtitle relates, chronicles the lives of the first six African-Americans who escaped slavery and became millionaires

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War of memos on Trump’s desk

The memo battle is now left for Trump to make the next move.

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Farmer and a pioneering inventor Henry Blair

Whenever there is discussion about African-American inventors, invariably Benjamin Banneker is cited, mainly for a clock of wooden parts that kept accurate time for many years.

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People’s State of the Union dumps Trump

From the words on their T-shirts to their speeches, known and not so well-known speakers hewed to a theme of resistance and get out the vote Tuesday evening at the People’s State of Union at Town Hall.

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Trump’s stake in the union

Populating, if not dominating, President Donald Trump’s 90-minute or more State of the Union speech Tuesday evening were a number of ordinary Americans who did extraordinary things.

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Noted author and scholar Julius B. Lester, dead at 78

“My promise is to that part of you which is beyond and separate from definition of gender, race and all the sociological and political descriptions that hang from our limbs and rattle like the chains of Marley’s ghost,” Julius Lester wrote.

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Leslie ‘Mayor of Harlem’ Wyche passes at 73

You could see Leslie Wyche coming a block away in Harlem, resplendent in his suit, sometimes a rakish hat and always a bobbing swagger.

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