Gerald W. Deas M.D., MPH

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A half empty glass for medical care

I am sure you have heard the expression after things have overtaken you to look at the situation with a glass half full, rather than a glass half empty attitude.

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Asthma: Food for thought and lungs

Taking up most of the space in our chests are two beautiful organs called the lungs.

Cookware beware

When I was growing up, every home had a black frying pan.

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Water down your high blood pressure

Until 1955, there were no drugs to control high blood pressure.

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The medical care insurance can’t pay for

A physician’s prayer: Dear Lord, thou Great Physician, I kneel before Thee.

When taste and smell get lost

Mrs. S. was a 79-year-old mother of four children, 20 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

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Just a little touch

From the time I entered medical school, I can’t recall one course that I took that ever mentioned the word “touch.”

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Eating plastic will make you sick

You cannot stretch out the length of your life by eating plastic.

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The defeat of de feet, de knees and de hips

When I was a kid, you would wear a pair of shoes until the soles were so thin that even when you stepped on a stone, you would likely feel the pain.

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The mineral chromium can make you shine

Do you feel a little rusty lately?

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