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Carbon monoxide—a gas that kills

The air that we breathe daily is made up of several life-giving gases, including oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. When these gases react with one another, they produce substances that are essential for life on this planet.

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Protect your health by eating these powerhouse foods

Apricots: Combat cancer, control blood pressure, save eyesight, shield against Alzheimer’s and slow the aging process.

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Think life and live longer

When I wake up in the early morning hours after a sound sleep, I feel so good because I’m still alive.

The touch of a cold

The cold virus is usually put to rest by “killer cells,” which are produced by the magnificent immune system in our bodies.

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An ‘eye on’ iron

My first recollection that I have on the importance of the word iron is when my mom would get up at 4 a.m. and begin to wash and “iron” clothes for the elite, to supplement my father’s hard earned but meager wages.

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The Earth and body clocks

An article by Dr. Richard Martin, head of the pulmonary division at the National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine, Denver, Colo., revealed that different diseases and body systems peak at various times throughout the day.

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The touch of a cold: How to stay healthy this cold and flu season

Well, the sneeze and sore throat season is upon us with a vengeance.

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Leaves of healing

I believe that the most beautiful and spiritual visual experience I have had is observing the changes of the color of leaves in the fall, which we are still experiencing in many parts of the country.

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Eye docs versus ear docs

I hope that this article is not misleading. I am not writing about doctors who take care of the ears or doctors who give eye care.

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Are you breathless with asthma?

House Calls

Asthma is like blowing up a balloon and constricting the opening that allows the air to escape.

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