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Remember Selma

Nov. 6 we will have an opportunity to voice our opinion about our nation’s direction. We dare not squander that opportunity; far too much is at stake.

Stepping up the resistance

Last month, we learned that corporate tax receipts are near a 75-year low as a share of the overall economy and that the federal budget deficit is increasing far faster than the White House and its congressional allies had predicted.

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A new rallying point

The last session of the Supreme Court produced a host of decisions that turned back the clock on social, political and economic justice. 

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The labor movement lives

The labor movement lives

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Working women show the way

During March, Women’s History Month, it is fitting to pay tribute to these leaders whose contributions are sorely under-recorded and underappreciated.

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Advancing Dr. King’s legacy

This month we celebrate the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth.

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Remembering the 1963 March on Washington

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington, let us remember...

Women are on the front lines

Each March we pay tribute to the generations of women who have made incalculable contributions to our nation, and we recommit ourselves to the ongoing struggle for women’s equality.

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The path ahead

One month after Election Day, many of us are still fighting through our shock and grief while trying to better understand the reasons for Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

Election Day and beyond

We in 1199SEIU have been in high gear since September, pulling out the vote for Hillary Clinton and labor-friendly candidates for Congress and state houses.

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