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Dems have the chance to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill—but will they?

Many Democratic candidates, who won election in November to help the Party take back the House, ran on the hot button issue of immigration reform.

Here’s what you need to know about Trump’s TPS extension

The Donald Trump administration has begrudgingly announced that it will be extending the Temporary Protected Status for immigrants from Haiti, Sudan, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

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‘Green Book’ critics fail to comprehend greater significance of Dr. Don Shirley’s story

There has been a lot more criticism since Sunday night of “Green Book,” the movie, especially after it beat out favorites to win the Best Picture award at the 91st Oscars.

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How will 21 Savage use his new reality?

Rapper 21 Savage is now living a new reality, one that he buried for most of his 26 years and largely pretended did not exist.

21 Savage, the music industry and immigration

For years, top awards like the Oscars and the Grammys were viewed as platforms seized by celebrities to speak up and speak out about injustices, human rights violations and the social issues of the day.

Black History Month: Five facts about Black foreign-born immigrants in the United States

Happy Black History Month! Seems rarer and rarer these days to see an ad on television or anywhere that says that yet around 12-14 percent of the U.S. population is considered to be Black or African-American.

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Ten reasons why $5 billion cannot build a wall on the US southern border

Donald Trump is lying again—bigly—and the American people, especially more than 800,000 federal workers, contractors and their families, paid the price.

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The audacity of the Trump administration knows no bounds

On a day when millions paused to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Donald Trump chose to again use immigrants as pawns in his con-game to get funding for a wall of slats on the U.S. southern border.

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Here’s how the government shutdown is affecting the US immigration processing

Court appointments scheduled during the shutdown are now being “reset” to new dates in the future, per a notice from the Department of Justice dated Dec. 26, 2018.

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Five Trump immigration rule changes you might have missed

To say 2018 has been a tough year for immigrants in the U.S. and immigration as a whole is an understatement.

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