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Nuff said, I’m out. Holla next week. Till then, enjoy the nightlife.

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Taking a knee with Tribeca-Grand

Hadn’t had much interest in watching football lately, but that National Championship Game Monday was indeed a thrill ride.

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Starz loss of Optimum ‘Power’

Here’s why ear hustling goes wrong. You get the story twisted. All I overheard was snowstorm and loss of power.

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The Golden Globes

Saying that time flew will be quite the understatement. It literally seems like yesterday that I was taking self-inventory and assessing what my resolutions were for 2017. Now we sit days away from closing the chapter on the year.

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Keepers of the overground underground, prepare yourself for Rapsody

For the pure fans of hip-hop, there’s a few times when we meet that fork in the road. It occurs when we find that diamond in the rough that bears the responsibilities of what true emceeing is about—finding your voice, expressing your thoughts in a manner unique as possible and growth. Now couple that with flow, vocabulary and content and we’re onto something special.

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2017 Soul Train Awards

Hard to imagine, but the first Soul Train Award ceremony took place in 1987.

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Anita Baker—the songstress and the T-shirt

I’m sitting here trying to figure out how her energy emerged and became newsworthy. As a reach I found that out of her eight solo projects, she has had two albums originally released close to today’s time-frame: “Giving You the Best That I Got” and “Christmas Fantasy,” in the respective years of 1988 and 2005.

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Celebrating Johnnie Wilder—Real soul and R&B bands

By music industry standards, in which success is measured for soul/R&B bands relatively low. The concept itself of a band in Black music is such an anomaly that a top-10 record on the R&B charts is all that’s expected

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There’s no one like Miss Patti

At 73 years young, with 54 years of professional experience, Patti LaBelle deserves her spot in the pantheon of all-time great singers.

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Hip-hop honoring itself at BET Awards

got bars! Even have a moniker: Lil’ Ole Yungun. By this time next year, I would’ve walked the red carpet as the new hottest thing in hip-hop and secured a few trophies honoring my achievements.

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Racism, activism, hurricanes and TIDAL waves

Make plans, God laughs. The results from last season led us to believe that we had restored the defensive identity associated with the championship runs we’ve had in the past and that we had an offense, buoyed by one of the most explosive players in the game, that could scratch the potential of the overall personnel—boom, plans for Feb. 4 in Minneapolis were plausible.

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