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New gov’t takes office amid pandemic-ravaged economy

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis’ administration had until mid-next year to try to achieve herd immunity in The Bahamas.

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Bahamas holds elections amid COVID concerns

Nearly 200,000 people are registered to vote in general elections in The Bahamas on Thursday but the major concern among the citizenry appears not to be which of the two main parties will run the country for the next five years but whether the archipelago just south of Florida could deal with any new COVID-19 spikes accruing from breaches in social distancing rules and election campaigning.

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CARICOM: Africa must fight for reparations, establish urgent air links

The vagaries of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that they could not meet in person for the first CARICOM-Africa leaders’ summit on Tuesday.

Court sentences ex-dictator to 20 years in prison

A former military strongman in Suriname was on Monday sentenced to 20 years in prison for his leading role in a late December 1982 mass murder of 15 government opponents but the judging panel appeared to move to deliberately ease political tensions in society by failing to order his arrest and detention until a formal appeal is filed as is widely expected.

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Barbados inches towards a republic without Queen Elizabeth

From the beginning of December, a leading Caribbean Community nation will not only have dumped Britain’s Queen Elizabeth as its decades-old head of state, but will also revel in the fact that two gifted Black women are occupying the top two positions in the country for the very first time.

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Blazing row over racism in Guyana; govt says not true

From the moment the Indo-dominated People’s Progressive Party (PPP) took office on Aug. 2 last year after being declared the winner of Guyana’s general elections, allegations about systematic racism against Guyanese of African origin have abounded in the Caribbean Community’s largest and most resource-rich member state.

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Caricom pledges quake relief for Haiti

Offering its very limited range of resources, Haiti’s fellow Caribbean Community nations responded to its latest tragedy this week by moving to organize relief supplies and sending in experts from the regional umbrella response agency, even as Tropical Storm Grace dumped tons of rain on the island, adding to the misery from last week’s devastating earthquake.

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Governments get pushback for vaccine mandates

Pushing hard to persuade enough citizens to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, some Caribbean governments are facing serious pushback from organized citizens groups, with fairly large numbers of citizens taking to the streets in protests demanding their right to choose whether to take the jab or not.

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Caricom fights for reparations with help from Africa

With the Black Lives Matter movement growing in worldwide recognition, Caribbean Community nations are seeking to cash in on its influence and are tweaking their tactics to make European nations like Britain and France pay reparations for the brutal trans-Atlantic slave trade that had costs the lives of millions of Africans.

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Western nations insult Caricom, says PM

Beset by crisis after crisis in Haiti, the Caribbean Community’s most populous member state has in recent months apparently not been involved in regional affairs as it should be.

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