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Immigration reform efforts show Trump is dealmaker in chief

The American people elected Donald Trump because they wanted a strong leader not beholden to corporate interests or content to watch as American inexorably slipped toward mediocrity.

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We are all to blame for the Las Vegas shooting

The videos circulating on social media and playing repeatedly on the newscasts are the stuff of nightmares. The audio is chilling; the sheer panic in the air is palpable.

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Let’s make politics out of bounds on Sundays

When the referees in charge of NFL football games make questionable calls, a challenge can be issued, subjecting the decisions to closer review.

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The criminal tragedy of Baltimore schools

In 2005, when the Emmy Award-winning television drama “The Wire” shined a harsh light on Baltimore City Schools, it proved to be an eye-opening experience for viewers who were not familiar with the tragic plight of students in Baltimore.

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The Democratic Party’s immoral “high-ground” on racial identity politics

Racial identity politics has long been the domain of the Democratic Party, where the hegemony of the liberal-left has taken root.

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Dick Gregory—An underappreciated Sherpa on the climb to economic freedom

Seldom a month goes by when I do not speak in glowing terms about my business mentor and brother in spirit, Dick Gregory.

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This time is no time for moral midgetry

While our hearts go out to those killed and injured amid violent conflicts between white supremacist and neo-Nazi demonstrators and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Va., one thing is clear: bigotry and racial hatred were the primary causes of the casualties.

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Palestinian financial glorification of terrorism must cease

The Palestinian Authority just made an announcement about cutting welfare payments to families who live in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

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McCain’s valiant stand

With a last-ditch gimmick to get a “quick win” on repealing and replacing Obamacare before the summer recess in the balance, Sen. John McCain stood before his Senate colleagues last week to deliver a classic speech on bipartisanship and parliamentary procedure.

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Homelessness is not just about shelter

I believe the number of homeless veterans is approximately 30,000. An important point to make is homelessness is not just about shelter.

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