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Thoughts on reopening the economy

A by now familiar and in fact quite hypocritical claim permeating the liberal media bubble is that President Trump and the GOP are engaging in a cynical plan to relax shelter-in-place restrictions due to coronavirus and rush reopening the country in hope of reviving the economy enough to bolster the president’s reelection prospects.

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The game of truth

When newly minted White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany took the stage last week for the first time, the first time a Trump press secretary has issued a formal conference in over six months, she encountered a ravenously bloodthirsty media gaggle.

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ESPN’s ‘Last Dance’ replete with life lessons

ESPN’s documentary on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls is already receiving rave reviews for shining a spotlight on the greatest basketball player ever, who should also be considered one of the best athletes of all time.

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Why fat Black lives must not really matter

It’s a sure sign you’ve reached maturity in life when you stop trying to have it both ways.

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Rebuilding economy and society

The massive economic destruction being wrought by the COVID-19 epidemic and the government’s attempt to mitigate the impact on American families and businesses raises a fundamental question: Is the sum total of America’s greatness measured by its markets or by its people?

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The odds are stacked against free enterprise in Virginia

As we continue weathering the coronavirus pandemic, some forward-thinking states and their leaders are preparing a pivot that puts their people back to work.

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Mankind needs God

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” The immortal words of Charles Dickens have never rung truer than now, during the age of COVID-19 and the global pandemic.

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Local broadcasting is ‘essential infrastructure’ amid COVID-19 pandemic

Among the entrepreneurs I’ve been speaking with over the past week, there seems to be a growing sense of alarm about the future of their businesses and the state of the American economy.

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COVID-19 could be deadly for American small business

Over the past few weeks, the United States has been grappling with the challenges of the global coronavirus pandemic.

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'The New York Times' cynically pits America against Blacks

In a bold new project, The New York Times Magazine announced that it was reconceiving the foundational origins of the American experiment, placing them, not in the context of the American revolution of 1776, but in 1619, the date enslaved Angolans first arrived on the shores of colonial Jamestown, Virginia.

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