Offending fans, NASCAR attempts to eradicate racism from racing

It’s not shocking that there’s been some backlash to all of the newfound attention and empathy given to the plight of the Black man.

MLB writes another chapter in its history of labor disputes

Major League Baseball’s battles between players and owners dates back to its founding 117 years ago.

How will a possible comeback for Colin Kaepernick impact his legacy

If quarterback Colin Kaepernick were to get a tryout, make a comeback, return as a player to the NFL, he’d have far more challenges facing him than just learning his new team’s playbook.

WNBA announces plans for the 2020 season

On June 15, the WNBA announced there will be a 2020 season.

Softball coach gains inspiration at an HBCU

Growing up in Southern California and attending college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Howard University softball coach Tori Tyson, 30, grew accustomed to playing on teams on which there were few Black girls.

NFL Continues Strong Social Justice Initiative with $250 Million Commitment

The National Football League’s social justice initiative has continued to inspire change in underserved communities, including a $250 million commitment to bring awareness, dialogue, and a renewed direction to the conversation of racial and social inequality.

NASCAR joins growing list of those taking stand against racial injustice

On Wednesday, June 10, NASCAR joined that ever-growing list with the announcement that it’s removing the Confederate flag from all of its events.

Even unlikely foes acknowledge injustice and wrongdoing

Either the world has come of age, or the 100 plus unexpected days of forced hibernation, along with the 110,000 plus coronavirus deaths, have broadened many of our perspectives.

NFL owners can’t hide behind Roger Goodell forever

NFL owners need to step out from the shadows.

Pompey focuses on doing the best for athletes

Now should be a joyful time of the year for track and field athletes and their coaches.

Blair looks toward life after Howard

Soccer goalie Rochelle Blair, 22, wishes she was back home in New Jersey, but her parents, both semi-retired educators, and the family dog are sheltering in place in Florida,

NFL confronts racism amid protest movement

Three words you usually never hear from the NFL: we were wrong.

Michael Jordan donating $100 million for racial equality, justice

Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand are giving $100 million to organizations dedicated to promoting racial equality and social justice.

NFL comments on George Floyd and gets roasted on Kaepernick

NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, 32, hasn’t played in the NFL since the 2016 season. He was blackballed by the NFL after silently protesting police brutality by silently taking a knee on the sidelines during the national anthem at the start ...

Adeagbo helps inspire reinvention

History-making skeleton athlete Simidele Adeagbo is currently sheltering in place at her mother’s home in North Carolina.