Green creates ‘Hoops’ magic with the Globetrotters

Briana Green always appreciated basketball players with flashy moves, such as Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant. Although she definitely spent time studying videos and practicing intricate dibbling and behind-the-back passes, the 5-foot-9 guard knew she also had to develop solid ...

Violence against women by sports figures is sadly perpetual

This past Sunday, ESPN aired an interview with former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt. The interviewer, Lisa Salters, methodically and adroitly commanded the sit-down, which was an exercise in crisis management by Hunt and his advisers.

With the playoffs out of reach, Giants pursue a winning culture

The Giants’ fleeting opportunity to remain in the NFC playoff chase came to a crashing halt two weekends ago in Philadelphia, where they lost to the Eagles 25-22. It was one of the more frustrating defeats in recent memory for ...

Remember the Titans—The Jets will for quite some time

The New York Jets didn’t just lose to the Tennessee Titans Sunday 26-22, accumulating 11 game penalties resulting in 96 negative yards, they blew a 16-point lead to do so.

Young Knicks take strides toward relevancy

Becoming a relevant team in the NBA is not simply measured by wins and losses and other quantifiable metrics. It’s also determined by reaching a level to which the opposition has to be thoroughly prepared, digesting the day’s scouting report ...

Amid some tough losses, the Nets might find some winners on their bench

When the Brooklyn Nets hosted the Oklahoma Thunder last night (Wednesday) fronted by Russell Westbrook and Paul George, and host the Toronto Raptors with Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry tomorrow night, not only were they facing two of the league’s ...

The Colgate Women’s Games prepare for another fierce, fun and competitive season

Registration for the 45th annual Colgate Women’s Games has begun. The season of track and field events officially begins Friday, Dec. 14, at the Pratt Institute Recreational Center on Willoughby Avenue in Brooklyn. Registration is free.

Saint Peter’s University thriving under new head coach

Game by game, the women’s basketball team from Saint Peter’s University is establishing its presence in the New York/New Jersey area

Jamal Adams asks fans to stick with the Jets as they figure it out

The Jets, who’ve amassed a total sum of just three wins with eight losses this season, will be looking for some kind of relief in the month of December, the final five weeks of football for them and the other ...

Painful loss to the Eagles further dampens Giants season

The Giants’ agonizing 25-22 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on the road this Sunday is on Pat Shurmur and Eli Manning. Point, period! The coach and quarterback made egregious errors in their play calling and decision making, respectively, that for ...

Fizdale teaches the Knicks the skill of playing hard

In sports, playing hard is a skill. Talent is a necessary ability to excel, but the discipline and mindset to play hard often separates the good from the average and the great from the good. Knicks first-year head coach David ...

Brooklyn will have to put that Butler shot behind them

Earlier this month, the Brooklyn Nets defeated the Philadelphia 76ers decisively. They continued to do so Sunday, again at home, the Barclays Center, for two more quarters, leading 68-54 at the half.

Williams uses championship mindset in new career

As an athlete, Lauryn Williams made history. She won two Olympic and four World Championship medals as a sprinter. After retiring from track, Williams tackled a new sport, the bobsled, and won a silver medal at the 2014 Olympic Winter ...

Monroe soccer wins National Championship

It has been a triumphant season for the Monroe College women’s soccer team. They’ve trained hard, maintained their composure and kept on winning. On Nov. 17, the Mustangs became the 2018 NJCAA Division I Women’s Soccer National Champion, defeating defending ...

The Alliance of American Football can salvage NFL careers

The Alliance of American Football, a new professional football league that will debut Feb. 9, airing on the CBS Sports Network less than a week after Super Bowl LIII, will not be a competitor of the NFL.