Katie Smith focuses on propelling the Liberty to success

Last season was rough for the New York Liberty, one of the WNBA’s original franchises.

Hampton alumni turn out for game versus Columbia

“We try to always come out and support our university,” said Carol Fennell. “Hampton is in Virginia, so we don’t often get to see them play this far up north.”

With all of the Nets’ improvements, the old Nets might also appear

But after 43 games, more than half of the regular NBA season played, would you expect for the Brooklyn Nets to be in seventh place of the Eastern Conference standings?

Ending a long road, Knicks see their potential future in Durant

As of Wednesday they were tied with the Phoenix Suns and Chicago Bulls for the fewest wins in the league.

Drew Brees looks to cement his legacy with another Super Bowl title

He was a ubiquitous and prominent figure during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005...

Top name quarterbacks lead AFC teams in hopes of divisional wins

Luck, ranked No. 5, logged 4,593 passing yards, 39 touchdowns, completing 62.3 percent of his passes during the season.

The answers to a future Black history sports trivia question

One day, a Black history sports trivia question could be name the four Black NFL quarterbacks who started in three of the four wild card games to begin the 2018-2019 NFL postseason.

With several dismissals, Black head coaches left off of the NFL carousel

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Tomlin and the Los Angeles Chargers’ Mike Lynn are the only two remaining Black head coaches in the National Football League’s 32 teams.

Starr Andrews is ready for the big time

This season has been her first on the Grand Prix circuit, and settling into the upper echelons of competitive skating is not easy.

NY/NJ teams gear up for conference play

It’s been a busy and exciting autumn for Division I women’s basketball teams in New York and New Jersey.

Wilson and Prescott take center stage in the opening act of wild-card weekend

Contrary to their evident physical differences, Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott have much in common, mainly that both were highly productive college quarterbacks who were undervalued by NFL Draft evaluators.

AFC playoff teams feature football’s youngest QBs and their most decorated

The league’s Top 6 AFC teams and Top 6 NFC teams look to advance through the rounds, the Wild Card, the Divisional and on to the AFC and NFC championships.

‘I would like to wish Todd the best’—But was he given the best?

Speculation about Bowles’ firing became strong after the Jets’ embarrassing 41-10 home loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 10.

Missing the playoffs again, the Giants have a lot of work ahead

Missing the playoffs again, the Giants have a lot of work ahead

Knicks try to maintain confidence as losses pile up

No rational Knicks fan could have possibly thought they would be anything but a lottery team this season.