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IBO: More money is needed to fix public housing

A report by the Independent Budget Office suggests whatever money the city set aside to fix NYCHA won’t be enough.

Trump proposes cuts to public housing as federal official sleeps over in NYCHA for a fourth week

President Trump's 4.7 trillion dollar budget proposal announced Monday sent shockwaves through families in NYCHA and city leaders.

Rent for NYCHA tenants could increase under proposed cuts to public housing in Trump budget

President Donald Trump $4.7 trillion budget proposal — announced Monday — includes billions in cuts to public housing and a plan for increased tenant rent contributions for those able to work.

Federal housing official Lynne Patton calls NYCHA conditions ‘national emergency,’ ‘humanitarian crisis’

Queensbridge Houses residents sounded off at a town hall inside the Jacob Riis auditorium hosted by regional Housing and Urban Development Director Lynne Patton and the president of the tenants' association on Thursday night.

Lynne Patton moves into Queens NYCHA complex

Lynne Patton is halfway through her month-long “hands on tour” of New York City public housing as she arrived at the Queensbridge Houses.

NYC public housing residents pack town hall with HUD admin Lynne Patton after Trump meeting

Over 100 tenants of the Douglass Houses packed a town hall meeting inside Grace Methodist Church Friday night.

HUD Regional Director Lynne Patton experiences NYCHA, brings issues to Trump

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Regional Administrator Lynne Patton continues her promise with her month-long project of living in NYCHA housing for a month.

NYCHA resident talks public housing with President Trump, VP Pence at White House

In the midst of federal public housing official Lynne Patton's week-long stays in New York public housing properties, Patton invited a NYCHA resident to meet President Trump at a White House event on Thursday.

Housing official Lynne Patton set to move into NYCHA

NYCHA will have a new resident as of Monday: the regional administrator for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in New York and New Jersey.

NYCHA to get federal monitor: Ben Carson, Mayor de Blasio

Housing Secretary Ben Carson announced Thursday a federal monitor will supervise reforms meant to better living conditions at the New York City Housing Authority.

Former Chicago officer Jason Van Dyke sentenced to 81 months for fatally shooting Laquan McDonald

Former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was sentenced Friday to 81 months in the killing of Laquan McDonald, a black teenager, more than four years after the shooting.

Mumia Abu-Jamal: ‘Organize, organize, organize’

There was an overflow crowd of supporters Saturday afternoon at the People’s Forum near Penn Station to hear a panel of speakers on an update on the case of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

No heat, no hot water, no answers for public housing residents

Barbara Hernandez is an assistant teacher and she says she's frustrated with the heat and hot water in her building at the Wagner Houses in Harlem.

Trump official delays plan to move into NYC public housing

A Trump administration official who planned to spend January living in New York City’s troubled public housing system says the experiment has been delayed because of the federal government shutdown.

REPORT: City leaders, Brooklyn Borough President discuss the future of NYCHA

Three Brooklyn Tenant Association Presidents were guided by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams into an apartment inside Ocean Bay Bayside apartments in Far Rockaway, Queens Friday.