On Reparations, the Question Isn’t If, but When and How

For nearly 250 years, enslaved Africans and their descendants toiled on the land and in the homes of white enslavers in the United States.

Immigrants continue to contribute to our society

There are currently so many debates about the “immigration problem” in the United States. The president and his administration have condemned immigrants for the past two plus years, villainized them as murders and rapists, and completely ignored their centuries of ...

When debt becomes a life sentence: the rise of terminal debt

Debt is quickly becoming a new form of modern slavery in this country. With people becoming increasingly more willing to spend on consumer items and lifestyle enhancements before they actually earn the money, debt is increasingly common.

Black media and the Central Park Five compared to new documentary

I have yet to see filmmaker Ava DuVernay’s acclaimed, “When They See Us,” or Ken Burns and Sarah Burns’ 2012 documentary “Central Park Five”—both films based on the 1989 savage rape and near-death assault on a white jogger, Patricia Trisha ...

Police are still killing unarmed Black people, the 'Hands Up Act' could do something about it

Since the police killings of Botham Jean in Dallas and Emantic “E.J.” Bradford in Birmingham, Alabama, two months apart last fall, ongoing news coverage of unarmed Black people killed by police has mostly waned.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the uncles out there

For the past few years I’ve written about all the wonderful fathers in our lives.

Protectors of The Future

As a real estate investor, my partners and I own properties around the world from Puerto Vallarta to the South of France in a rustic Mediterranean village called Eze and at Le Son Net on the Island of Mallorca in ...

Public Works Legislation: Critical in increasing economic mobility for Black workers

The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU) has long been a progressive voice within the American labor movement, advocating for the fair and just treatment of Black workers across sectors.

Less stigma, more empathy for WIC families

In my struggles as a single mom on a limited income, the Special Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children helped my family get by.

2020 Census: An Undercount Will Confound the Poor and People of Color

By law, the United States government is responsible for conducting a census every 10 years to count all of the nation’s residents.

COMMENTARY: U.S. Attempt to Erase Harriet Tubman

With uniquely American hypocrisy, the Trump Treasury Department has pushed back the 2016 plan to put escaped slave and Underground Railroad heroine Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. Tubman would be the first African-American woman featured on U.S. currency.

We must protect women’s reproductive rights

Trying to lead a life that is void of outrage is increasingly difficult in these political times. Just as I think this president and his administration can’t sink lower into depravity, inequity and corruption, it seems like they find ways ...

Anguilla attack shows Scott Hapgood is an American hero

It is a nightmare scenario that could happen to any American abroad—being attacked by an armed assailant in your own hotel room and forced to defend yourself only to be arrested and thrown in jail like a common criminal for ...

COMMENTARY: The Congressional Black Caucus must oppose HR 246

Think about it this way. If every tactic that was used by African Americans in the Civil Rights Movement and/or in the fight against apartheid South Africa was either criminalized or attacked by the US Congress, how would you respond?

Will justice ever be served?

I have been following the “trial” on NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo and I am surprised, shocked, disgusted and (sadly) outraged that justice for the death of Eric Garner has yet to be attained.