New Leadership Key to Ending Bias in the FDNY

All you can do is shake your head in disgust at a New York City Fire Department chief’s lawsuit claiming he was denied a promotion because he refused to recant his racially charged remarks about the department’s diversity efforts.

Amazon Workers Demand Historic Change

In Bessemer, Alabama, a historic, worker-driven grassroots union organizing campaign is underway at the Amazon warehouse there.

Happy Women’s History Month

This March we will take time and reflect on the various contributions of women in our lives and around the world. I also like to extend Black History Month as long as I can and celebrate the contributions of Black ...

The enemy within

“The enemy within” is the phrase that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used to describe the chaos brewing just beneath the surface of the Republican Party.

Allegations against Cuomo are shocking

The sexual harassment allegations against Governor Cuomo are both shocking and understandable at the same time.

Unfree Labor in NYC Construction: An Appeal to End Body Shops

This is the first African American History month since the murder of George Floyd and the uprisings that followed.

Publicly released letter exposes new evidence regarding the assassination of Malcolm X

Nationally renowned civil rights attorney Ben Crump and co-counsels Ray Hamlin and Paul Napoli held a news conference on Saturday, Feb. 20 where Reggie Wood (relative of Ray Wood) revealed evidence of a conspiracy perpetrated by the NYPD and the ...

How democracy reform protects Black political power

The 2020 elections taught us that our democracy is both strong and fragile. This is the time to shore it up with the For the People Act that is now waiting for action by Congress.

More of the same

The most incredible con is going on in America right now.

We must remember our incarcerated during COVID

Some of you may have seen reports from St. Louis showing incarcerated men burning their cells to bring attention to their living conditions and health concerns.

A Mayor’s Transformation, From Police Reformer to Apologist for PBA

Twenty years ago this summer, New York City and the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) paid $8.7 million to settle a civil lawsuit with Abner Louima, who was tortured with a broken broomstick while in police custody at a Brooklyn station ...

The futility of the Trump impeachment trial

Sometimes in life, the picture is as clear as water. We know what we want, but it is not what we get. So we are left frustrated and wanting.

We need to vaccinate dialysis patients in New York

On Jan. 13, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services shifted its focus to urge states and localities to make COVID-19 vaccines available to all U.S. residents age 65 and older.

Black History Month Challenge

Black History Month is almost halfway over and hopefully you have taken the time to reflect on all of the ways Black people have contributed to the United States and the world more broadly.

A tribute to the Supreme Mary Wilson

A couple days ago I found myself humming along to a Supremes song. Then I did what everyone does today in the age of the Internet: I logged onto YouTube, found a music video and lost myself in some vintage ...