‘Hands off Venezuela’: A unity call to the international community

America has the nerve to send food and medicine to the corrupt American-appointed opposition in Venezuela to help the Venezuelan people, when it was American imperialism that caused the food and medicine shortage in the first place!

Cash bail strips wealth from low-income communities

New Yorkers, including elected officials like Governor Andrew Cuomo and state legislative leaders, are increasingly recognizing that cash bail helps drive mass incarceration.

Hollywood’s hijack of the #MeToo Movement

The powerful #MeToo Movement was established to address real injustices suffered by women—and in some cases, although significantly less common, by men.

Has Black History Month lost its relevance in our America?

February is Black History Month. I am a legitimate senior citizen and I can remember when this month of extolling the greatness of our people started out as a week.

Bringing justice home: Creating a Bureau of Housing and Loan Fraud in the Queens DA’s Office

We are now 10 years out of the Great Recession, and predatory lending and housing fraud continue to threaten and harm New Yorkers.

Staying politically optimistic

The recent blatant power grab coming out of the White House is a lot to digest. For many, the feelings of depression and disgust are commonplace when thinking about the political leadership in Washington.

URBAN AGENDA: Enough Talk. Time for Real Change on City’s Segregated Schools

Last week the School Diversity Advisory Group (SDAG) released its initial report with policy recommendations to the Mayor and Chancellor about how to integrate the city’s stubbornly segregated public schools.

It’s time to stop marginalizing African Americans in public higher education

Students across the country are putting final touches on their applications for some of our country’s most prestigious public institutions.

Upholding our values and standing against discrimination

Recently, the Toledo Blade and other media outlets have reported on racial discrimination issues at Toledo Transmission.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Each year we are inundated with red hearts in stores, on television and across society. For some, it is a welcomed sign that love is in the air.

Brexit and the future of U.S.-Britain relations

The future of Brexit, England’s historic divorce from the European Union, hangs in a precarious balance as last week British Prime Minister Teresa May’s Brexit Plan failed miserably when put to a vote in the British Parliament.

Helping MWBEs insure their success

I have been a consultant for minority- and woman-owned businesses in the construction industry for 33 years.

To improve public safety, turn over evidence

New York State has an important opportunity to pass reform this week that will make our criminal justice system more fair and more transparent.

A New Year’s Resolution for Children in New York: School Improvement

New Year’s resolutions are underway across the state of New York, and I’m one of those who is trying hard to keep the promises I made to myself.

Why the New York City Council proposal to ban menthol cigarettes is wrong

I dedicated 34 years of my life to public safety, enforcing the laws that our legislators placed before me. That’s what cops do, and we trust that those laws are well thought out, studied and based upon sound data and ...