Letters to the Editor


Letter to the Editor: Coverage of Las Vegas shooting

This letter is in response to the articles covering the recent shooting in Las Vegas.

Rose should stay in the Garden

I am writing this letter, supporting point guard Derrick Rose continuing to play in the Garden.

US immigration policy and steady economy intertwined

Dear Editor, Movement supporters may look unique.

A new kind of Black History Month

Every day for the month of February this year, I have posted, to my Facebook page, the photo and story of a Black person who was killed by police.

Dear Editor

As the new school year resumes this month, my thoughts turn to those students who have the will to succeed, but not always the resources.

Please Stop Smoking, It's Killing Us

My name is Adama, and I live in West Harlem. As a teenager I am aware of a lot of things, and what I notice most is how many of my peers and other younger children are exposed to the ...

Crown Heights Uprising Anniversary

I’m sending this letter to you regarding the Crown Heights Riots in 1991.

A Black view from Scotland: 'Surely Chris Rock will do the right thing'

AmNews reader Amanda Baker gives her take on the Oscars boycott and Chris Rock

HUD proposes smoking ban across all public housing

Deidre M. Sully, deputy director of NYC Smoke-Free, wirtes about smoking in public housing.

Tamir Rice killing shows why Black leaders distrust judicial process

We are troubled with the news that a police officer will not be indicted for the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice because one witness claimed the boy may have posed a threat to the community.

An open letter to the Daily News

Charles Barron and Inez Barron writes scathing letter to Daily News about its report regarding the conviction of Sheldon Silver.

Give this giving season

New York City Mission Society teaches us how to give this holiday season.

Pope on poverty and prevention

"Consider that more than 2 out of every 5 people living in New York City live in poverty."

A City in Crisis: Let us talk and listen— so we can heal

Let’s take each other’s word for it and recognize that we never really understood the positions of those who have had different experiences and trust that when so many people feel the same way —various cities across this county, they ...

Casino license will be a true test for New York on its MWBE commitment

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has shown a strong commitment to the idea of strengthening MWBEs in New York, but the true test will be whether the governor’s gaming commission awards one of the four casino licenses to the only MWBE proposal.