The death of Daniel Prude

When we first learned of Daniel Prude’s death last March, the details left us aghast.

Traces of Trump’s tyranny are indelible

Some of the Trump traces and menacing memories we welcome, particularly when they are favorable to our indictment of him.

Trump’s autocratic rule should not be forgotten

We certainly support the lawsuit filed Tuesday, Feb. 16, in the U.S. District Court by Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi that accuses Trump, Rudy Giuliani and two extremist groups with inciting the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Trump, ...

Trump’s legacy of evil

Democrats, in effect, control Congress, but they still don’t have the numbers to support President Biden and his plans to overhaul a broken infrastructure and the fissures of systemic racism.

White Lies Matter

When a Black Lives Matter poster was defaced with Black being replaced by white, it could have been further defaced by removing the “v” and thus being rendered White Lies Matter

Biden puts the pedal to the metal

President Joe Biden has wasted little time putting the pedal to the metal, jump-starting the promises he had made during his campaign and several he reiterated in his inaugural address.

Farewell or fair wail, Trump

As Trump departs the White House with the door knob hitting him where the good Lord split him, he leaves behind a detritus of unfinished business and broken promises.

Put a permanent stain on his reign

There are constitutional provisions that protect a president against insurrection but what measures are available when the president is the insurrectionist?

Thank you to our own unsung heroes

Every year poses its own unique challenges; 2020 posed more than its fair share. It was a year of hardship and heartache, unimaginable loss of life, unrelenting hate that permeated American government and society.

Countdown to cleanup!

Trump, the commander-in-mischief, took his carnival act to Dalton, Georgia the other night with the planned purpose of aiding the Republican hopefuls in the runoff for the Senate. But, as it so often happens, the appearance was more about Trump ...

Trump’s Road to Ruin

It is a rare occasion when we agree with the New York Post, but Monday’s editorial, a front page zinger that demanded Trump “Stop the insanity,” was spot on with us, and hopefully with a number of his supporters

Permanently out to pasture

Trump often derided now President-elect Biden as “Sleepy Joe.” Well, how about “Silent Don” for Trump, who only after Attorney General Barr rejected his plea to change the election results did he temporarily set aside his sulking to respond.

45 has 34 more days

No. 45 has 34 days left to occupy the Oval Office and then he––like so many Americans facing economic shortfalls––will be evicted.

Trump countdown continues

As the days dwindle down to a precious few, to recall a line from the great American songbook, many Americans wish a faster pace for the clock and the calendar.

More than 80 million conspirators

To bring about the results to please him, results that would vindicate him and flip the election he lost, Trump has resorted to everything imaginable and the inconceivable.