Congratulations graduates

Congratulations graduates! This is the season when so many families are celebrating the achievements of their loved ones.

Let’s Shoot The Right People

By the time it was all said and done, a young man lay dead in his own apartment, shot once in the chest by an off-duty police officer who apparently mistook his apartment for her own.

Albany Deserves the Facts: New York’s Construction Unions Must Release Their Diversity Data

Despite union leaders claiming they are “religious about diversity,” the 32 New York construction unions have kept us in the dark about their diversity data.

Project Renewal helping struggling mothers

This Mother’s Day there are too many moms in New York City struggling to make ends meet, especially because so many of us are the sole breadwinners.

Low-income and minority communities lack access to CitiBikes

Every day, over 40,000 trips are made on CitiBikes in NYC.

Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go! #119

Most likely it was a coincidence that as we completed MAGA #118, Trump unleashed a fusillade of 118 tweets.

URBAN AGENDA: “Big Money” to Preserve an Institution of Segregation

The fact that just seven black students recently received offers to attend one of the city’s most elite public schools, Stuyvesant High School, has generated justifiable outrage.

How is your health?

The recent and sudden passing of John Singleton is a tragic loss for the cinematic community and his fans from across the globe.

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center is a global giant

Once again, Israel is at the helm of discovering another monumental medical breakthrough.

A fair wage for working men and women

There’s a push in Albany right now to make sure that construction workers who work on projects funded with taxpayer money are paid a fair wage.

Learn your numbers during Stroke Awareness Month

May is National Stroke Awareness Month, and it is very significant to me, because I am a stroke survivor.

Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go! #118

On May Day, a day workers of the world celebrate, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, a Black woman born in Somalia, an immigrant and Muslim, expressed her view of Trump to Amy Goodman on the news program “Democracy Now!” We ...

Something to think about as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Every year millions of Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo, usually by eating “Mexican food” and drinking copious amounts of tequila.

Why political emancipation without economic independence is incomplete freedom

I recently had the pleasure of being invited by Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser to speak at a breakfast gathering honoring DC Emancipation Day, where we celebrated the 157th anniversary of Lincoln’s formal emancipation of over 3,000 enslaved individuals in the ...

Voting for dollars

What if correctional facility prisoners throughout the country were allowed to vote for any candidate they wanted and there just so happened to be a candidate who ran on the promise that if elected all sentences would be commuted to ...