Put a permanent stain on his reign

There are constitutional provisions that protect a president against insurrection but what measures are available when the president is the insurrectionist?

COMMENTARY: The “Vanilla ISIS” attack on the Capitol surprised many people, but not Black Folk.

My father had a saying that was somewhat sarcastic and he used it when I had to learn a lesson the hard way. I would go to him for counsel after I made an avoidable mistake and he would look ...

This is who we are

The events of last week have shaken so many Americans to the core.

COVID vaccine rollout

As we enter 2021, the pandemic forces us to face new, as well as continuing, realities.

Is this the moment when the GOP will stand up to Trump?

I saw with my own eyes the breakdown of our society and our democracy. It was sickening, outrageous and 100% unacceptable, illegal, immoral and unpatriotic.

The real America: a Black perspective

The Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol by President Donald Trump supporters to stop democracy in the U.S. is a needed teachable movement.

What the attack on our Capitol says about our nation––and where New York City will go from here

This coming Monday marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day in our nation, 53 years after his assassination. It could not come at a more fitting or necessary moment.

URBAN AGENDA: A Critical New York City Election

Ever since the calendar flipped on New Year’s Eve, the 2021 mayoral election has become a top conversation starter in New York City.

Thank you to our own unsung heroes

Every year poses its own unique challenges; 2020 posed more than its fair share. It was a year of hardship and heartache, unimaginable loss of life, unrelenting hate that permeated American government and society.

COVID vaccines, the Black community, many questions

African Americans need to start asking serious questions about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Countdown to cleanup!

Trump, the commander-in-mischief, took his carnival act to Dalton, Georgia the other night with the planned purpose of aiding the Republican hopefuls in the runoff for the Senate. But, as it so often happens, the appearance was more about Trump ...

Preparation for 2021

It’s a new year and time to prepare as best we can for all of the surprises this world has to offer. I, for one, have quite a few deadlines in 2021 and I need to work consistently and patiently ...

Another stimulus—better late than never

According to a recent study by the Aspen Institute, up to 40 million Americans faced eviction towards the end of this year, no doubt secondary to the financial impact of COVID-19.

More turmoil from Trump

More turmoil from Trump

Trump’s Road to Ruin

It is a rare occasion when we agree with the New York Post, but Monday’s editorial, a front page zinger that demanded Trump “Stop the insanity,” was spot on with us, and hopefully with a number of his supporters