Write off Puerto Rico debt

As Puerto Rico continues to suffer the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria, its delicate financial situation renews many longstanding questions about its capacity to shoulder its crushing debt load.

Pray for America, but work to make her better

When deranged gunman Devin Kelly walked into a small community church in a tiny rural Texas town and killed the pastor’s daughter, along with 25 other innocent people, including an 18-month-old and an unborn baby, our hearts cried out in ...

The Resistance Movement turns into Democratic votes

But on an off-year election, Democrats came to the polls in unprecedented numbers and won elections from the governor to the local commissioner.

Not invisible

The de Blasio administration silenced us, sabotaged our campaign and stole the election. But we’re still standing.

Congratulations Mayor de Blasio, so sorry the honeymoon has to end so quickly

There are still several areas of concern I think this mayor must address immediately.

Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #42

President Trump’s 14-day tour of Asia ended Tuesday, but the problems that continue to nibble away at his tenure and administration show few signs of abating. In fact, the issues at home may be even worse and more difficult with ...

URBAN AGENDA: Poverty's on the Decline But Let's Not Celebrate Just Yet

With a drop in the federal poverty level for the third time in as many years, it looks like the United States is trending in the right direction and making strides in the war against poverty. Even so, it isn’t ...

Is the FBI's new focus on 'Black Identity Extremists' the new COINTELPRO?

If you’ve been to a Black Lives Matter rally or tweeted the related hashtag recently, then the FBI might consider you a “Black Identity Extremist,” at least according to a report published by one of the nation’s top law enforcement ...

Times of terror demand greater situational awareness

You see the truck barreling toward you and bodies and bicycles flying through the air. You hear the screeching of metal on metal and the shards of shattered glass tinkling to the pavement.

Delrawn Small case—Justice denied again!

The world watched the videotape of Rodney King being beaten to a pulp by police, and on the state level…justice denied.

Millennials finding the urge to vote

As Bill de Blasio rang in another expected victory with his mayoral win Tuesday, I was unamused and nonchalant, as I had been throughout this election season.

I’ve got Georgia (and Stacey Abrams) on my mind

I know many of my readers are exhausted with politics. New York City just had an election season in which many incumbents cruised to victory, and a little more than half of America looks at the politics in Washington, D.C., ...

Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go #41

President Trump is quick to accuse the Obama administration for just about everything that goes wrong in America.

How privileged we are in fixing NYC’s Board of Elections fiasco

Approximately 200,000 New Yorkers were illegally purged from voter rolls by the Board of Elections just before the heated Democratic presidential primaries in 2016.

Donald Trump: Symptom of America’s spiritual malaise

Many people who find the president’s behavior and tenor at times divisive and confronting lament that he is “dividing” the country.