Union Matters


NLRB uphold Columbia grad workers’ vote for union

Columbia University’s administration challenged the legitimacy of a union election.

Fast food workers sue City of Memphis over surveillance and intimidation tactics

A local Fight for $15 organization in Memphis fielded a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city Wednesday.

Labor reacts to DNC chair election

This past weekend, Democrats elected former Barack Obama labor secretary Tom Perez as chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Opposition from labor and activists force Puzder’s hand

Andrew Puzder won’t be a member of President Donald Trump’s cabinet.

32BJ Fight on behalf of the undocumented

A local union is making its collective voice heard on the immigration front.

COBA battles those who want to close Rikers Island

New York City Councilman Danny Dromm of Queens wants to close Rikers Island. The Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association has something to say about that this election season.

32BJ advocates for Muslims in dire straits

Didn’t matter if you had a green card, a work visa or were escaping conflict.

Presidents change, but our values should not

The president of the United States may have changed, but our values should not.

Teachers’ union accuses KIPP of violating federal law

United Federation of Teachers officials called out KIPP Academy Charter School leaders recently for allegedly violating federal labor laws.

Fast food workers push for City Council to pass pro-worker bills

Another group of Americans that are worried about Donald Trump’s presidency? Fast-food workers.

Union leaders talk women’s march and what’s next

Millions of people around the world participated in the Women’s March, with large crowds converging in places such as New York, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Cleveland, Los Angeles, London and even Antarctica.

Fast food workers, council members and advocates denounce Puzder

Leading up to the Senate confirmation hearings for potential Labor Secretary Andy Puzder, fast-food workers, New York City Council members and allies denounced his position and history of anti-labor behavior.

Newark Airport workers rally on MLK Day

Lost amid the commemoration of a civil rights icon was his advocacy for labor rights. Some airport workers reminded the world of that this week.

Macy’s and Sears Holdings to close a combined 226 stores

Three well-known retailers are closing stores around the country—and eliminating jobs.

32BJ speaks on JFK renovation

Before his State of the State address in Manhattan Monday, New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo discussed his desire to make John F. Kennedy Airport “world-class.”