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'Declaration 17' hopes to send message to Trump and America

As President Donald Trump continues his first 100 days in office, several Americans are declaring their independence from his policies and practices.

Bill Epton, a political activist and free speech advocate

A native of Harlem, Bill Epton was born Jan. 17, 1932, and if there is such a thing as a political prodigy, he may have been the prototype with his keen instinct for protest.

Trump tamps down on illegal immigrants

If for a moment you thought President Trump had softened his approach to illegal immigration, then you and millions of undocumented immigrants are in for a rude awakening. In fact, in several ways, his policy has hardened.

Trump administration withdraws federal protections for transgender students

The Trump administration on Wednesday night withdrew Obama-era protections for transgender students in public schools that let them use bathrooms and facilities corresponding with their gender identity.

Trump and the Black Caucus plan to meet for the first time

Following a bizarre exchange with American Urban Radio Networks White House Correspondent April Ryan, the Congressional Black Caucus is in talks with President Donald Trump to set up a meeting.

Trump: African-American history museum is 'fantastic'

President Donald Trump visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture for the first time on Tuesday morning.

VIDEO: Charlie Rangel talks Trump

Former congressman Charles Rangel recently sat down for a Q&A with Nasser Kazeminy, the chairman of National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO).

Trump asks African-American reporter to set up meeting with Black lawmakers

President Donald Trump on Thursday asked April Ryan, an African-American reporter and longtime White House correspondent, if she would arrange for him a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus.

Bill Perkins emerges victorious in special City Council election

New York State Sen. Bill Perkins is back in the New York City Council.

Patricia Gatling—DA candidate endorsed by Mayor Dinkins

Patricia Gatling, former NYC human rights commissioner and first assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, today received the endorsement of former NYC Mayor David N. Dinkins for Brooklyn district attorney.

Bill Perkins wins District Council #9 special election

Given his name recognition, political experience and a crowded field of candidates, Bill Perkins was the favorite to win the special election Tuesday for the City Council seat in District #9.

Bill Perkins wins special election for 9th Council District

State Sen. Bill Perkins is headed back to the city council representing the 9th District in Harlem after winning the special election to replace Inez Dickens, who was elected to the state assembly in November.

Study: Blacks feel ignored by the Democratic Party

Cornell Belcher, the CEO of Brilliant Corners Research, said that it’s no surprise that Black voters have presented a very clear mandate to the Congressional Black Caucus to oppose the Trump Administration, because 92 percent of African Americans voted against ...

9th Circuit rules against reinstating travel ban

President Donald Trump's travel ban will remain blocked, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.

NAACP Statement on the Confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

The NAACP's response to the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions at US Attorney General