Bill Cosby renews attacks on trial judge as he seeks bail

Imprisoned actor Bill Cosby is renewing attacks on a Pennsylvania trial judge as he seeks bail while he appeals his sex-assault conviction.

Environmental Racism - A quiet killer in Black communities

While we often hear and read about police brutality, housing and employment discrimination, there is simply inadequate media coverage of an equally destructive form of racism….environmental racism.

Is More Attention Finally Being Given to Missing Black Girls?

Minneapolis police have a located a 12-year-old girl who went missing last week.

In Black and White: Key Findings of American’s View on Race in 2019

New research has revealed that 78 percent of African Americans believe the country has not gone far enough on the issue of making sure blacks have equal rights with whites.

Lawsuit Cites Appalling Lack of Diversity in Radio and TV Ownership

Free Press, the Massachusetts-based nonpartisan organization that fights for the right to connect and communicate along with several allies

Rutgers dedicates plaza to Paul Robeson

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the graduation of Paul Robeson, Rutgers University dedicated a plaza named for the Black singer, actor, social activist, lawyer, athlete Friday, April 12, to honor his legacy.

Leaders say ‘no’ to new youth prison in Newark

Newark leaders are speaking out against the state’s plans to build a youth development center in the Brick City.

Trump targets Rep. Omar and incites death threats

Rep. Ilhan Omar is a Muslim, a woman, a refugee and an outspoken critic who speaks truth to power and thus is a perfect foil for attacks and insults from Trump.

Goal of $1.8M needed to help rebuild burned Black churches

In less than two weeks, when three predominantly Black churches in a south Louisiana parish were burned down, it brought back memories of senseless attempts to destroy Black places of refuge.

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker introduces bill to study reparations

U.S. Sen. and Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker announced this week he will introduce a bill to form a commission for the study of reparation proposals for African-Americans.

Hate Fuels New Flames: Black churches burning again

As a bulwark, a sacred refuge and a safe place to organize against racism and bigotry, the Black church has been indispensable.

Black NJ principal dies after donating bone marrow

Students and faculty are mourning the death of beloved Westfield High School Principal Dr. Derrick Nelson after he donated bone marrow to a stranger. He was 44.

Measles outbreak causes health hysteria

The nation’s largest measles outbreak in nearly two decades continues with the latest outbreak in New York City causing Mayor Bill de Blasio to declare a public health emergency.

Can Trump’s immigration policy get worse? Yes

Trump’s revolving door took another precipitous turn the other day with the ouster of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Family of 7-year-old Black girl killed by police settles for $8 million

The family of Aiyana Stanley-Jones, a 7-year old girl shot and killed by a Detroit police officer, has received an $8.25 million settlement almost 9 years after the tragic incident.