Court to soon rule in military executions trial in Suriname

Dec. 8, 1982, revolutionary soldiers in Suriname rounded up 15 opponents of the then military government and executed them at a colonial era fort in the capital.

Trump's Campaign Strategist Hired For Nigerian Presidential Race

Cash money makes things happen. That’s an expression taken from the Urban Dictionary, but it might also be the hope of Atiku Abubakar, candidate for president of Nigeria with the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, which just hired Donald Trump’s lobbying ...

Canister craze in England

In recent years, we know there has been a spike in teenage drug use. What leaves many baffled is the choice of drugs young people are experimenting with.

Ethiopian woman breaks glass ceiling to becomes nation's new head of state

“Congratulations Madam President! Women do make a difference. We are proud of you!” That was the excited message from María Fernanda Espinosa Garces, president of the United Nations General Assembly, to a U.N. colleague selected to be the first woman ...

Trinidad under worst flooding in 50 years

Many citizens of Trinidad and Tobago would be justified in saying that the second half of 2018 was more than a bit unkind to the Caribbean’s most southerly island, as it has been battered by one disaster after another.

Aging Autocrat Whips Opposition and Claims Victory in a Disputed Poll

Leaders of the opposition were roundly defeated in this month’s national elections that gave the six-term incumbent, President Paul Biya, a new seven-year term.

Activists: PetroCaribe protests in Haiti a new movement

Oct. 17, Haitians took to the streets in Port-au-Prince, the nation’s capital, protesting the alleged misuse of PetroCaribe funds. According to sources, the funds were a part of a Venezuelan-sponsored oil assistance program.

Young Medical Worker Executed By Boko Haram Caliphate

“We urge you: spare and release these women,” begged Patricia Danzi, director of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Africa. “Like all those abducted, they are not part of any fight. They are daughters and sisters, one is ...

Us gets green light to boot thousands of African refugees

A simmering dispute between the U.S. and Ghana appears to be resolved.

As Brazil nears a Bolsonaro presidency, Black lives are under attack

If you think we are living through the worst of times here in the United States (with someone named Trump serving as our president), take a moment to say a prayer for the people of Brazil.

Grisly Video Casts Grim Shadow Over Cameroon President's Re-Election Bid

(GIN)—As the clock ticks down to Sunday’s presidential elections in Cameroon, President Paul Biya remains tightlipped about a grisly video gone viral of two mothers and their young children executed in cold blood by government soldiers.

First lady of Nigeria is honoree at Global Empowerment Movement

Sept. 27, the first lady of Nigeria, Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, was honored with the Distinguished Global Award for Excellence in Women Empowerment and Gender Development during the Global Empowerment Movement session of the United Nations in New York City.


The statue is a gift to the United Nations from South Africa.

Trump’s immigration separation policy: a civil rights, human rights issue

The world is pushing back against President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, which has resulted in separations of undocumented parents and children.

At the UN Trump gets laughs but ignores African issues

Well, the 45th president received a round of laughter from some of the heads of state and delegates in the audience.