Ethiopian leader rebuffs African peacemakers as war fatalities soar

Fighting between the Ethiopian army and forces of the Tigray region has reached Mekelle, near the region’s biggest city, home to half a million residents.

Trinidad, Venezuela to talk about refugees

Diplomats and high level security officials from Trinidad and Venezuela are to meet shortly to discuss a Venezuelan refugee crisis in Trinidad as authorities there are growing increasingly wary about the number of refugees breaching the island’s closed borders in ...

Burkina Faso slapped with top level travel ban over terrorism and other threats

A U.S. State Department red level “Do Not Visit” warning against travel to Burkina Faso has been posted to the U.S. website, as rising rates of COVID-19, terrorism, crime and kidnapping are said to endanger visitors to that country.

Activists fail to stop drilling of well off Bahamian coast

A major row is developing in The Bahamas over plans by the archipelago to drill an offshore well off the south coast in December with environmental and other activists expressing deep fears about an oil spill destroying the country’s lifeline ...

Bahamas to upgrade partisan immigration laws

The Bahamas is moving to overhaul its stringent if not partisan immigration laws to now allow individuals born overseas to a Bahamian mother to obtain citizenship.

J.J. Rawlings–A charismatic leader and stalwart for Pan Africanism

“A bear of a man with a booming voice.” That’s how some will remember Ghana’s former President Jerry John Rawlings who died Nov. 12 in the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, according to local media reports

Jerry Rawlings: Ghana’s former president dies at 73

Jerry Rawlings: Ghana’s former president dies at 73

Belize votes for new government. PM Gonsalves wins fifth term in St. Vincent

As the year comes to a close, the 15-nation Caribbean Community is still trying to cope with the plethora of general elections in a single calendar year with voters in Belize set to face the polls on Thursday, Nov. 12, ...

Ethnic strife in Ethiopia fears of all-out civil war

Those who held high hopes for peace in the Horn of Africa are troubled by the rise in conflicts across the region with fears growing of a potentially destabilizing civil war.

Vincentians vote in the latest elections in Caricom

The big question is whether Vincentians will give Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves a fifth consecutive term in office from general elections scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 5 or whether they will vote to close off an era marked by a mix ...

Sudanese refugiees face uncertainty in Isreal if bilateral ties are resumed

Sudanese refugees who live in Israel are wondering what their future holds if ties are normalized between the two countries as predicted and the Israeli government launches deportation proceedings against them.

Barbados to dump Lord Nelson’s statue, cut Queen as head of state

It seems as though Barbados’ tolerance for the controversial statue of late British naval hero Lord Nelson has finally run out, with authorities naming Monday Nov. 16 as the date that the imposing structure will be torn down and relocated ...

Nigerian writers rip 'terror squad' as protesters cry 'Just Stop Killing Us!'

For many, the memories of rogue Nigerian soldiers firing live ammunition at hundreds of peaceful protesters in Lagos, killing at least 12 people, will be hard to forget.

Nigerian youth demand police and political reform

Water cannons, live bullets and tear gas has led to at least 15 dead in Nigeria since protests began in the first week of October according to Amnesty International.

U.S. secretly deporting Venezuelans, charges senator

Authorities in the Caribbean Community nation of Trinidad are this week being forced to fend off allegations by Democratic New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez that Trinidad had allowed the U.S. to secretly deport Venezuelans through the country in what the ...