To be or not to be with vitamin C

If you want to be, and live as long as you can be on this polluted planet, I would suggest that you get an ample amount of vitamin C.

Heart failure . . . and success

Heart failure is becoming more and more common. Nearly 6 million Americans are suffering from it today.

Brooklyn hospital acquires leading technology in prostate cancer treatment

Brooklyn, N.Y.’s Maimonides Medical Center has become the second hospital in the United States and the first on the East Coast to acquire the groundbreaking Focal One high-intensity focused ultrasound technology.

Health package introduced by State Assembly aims to address mortality among Black mothers

New Jersey ranks 47th in the nation for maternal mortality, with 37.3 deaths per every 100,000 live births. Black women in the Garden State are five times more likely than white women to die of pregnancy-related complications.

It’s time to mind your body

I am sure that you’ve been reading in recent articles how physicians are finally trying to incorporate the minds of patients into the healing process. That is long overdue. In fact, the concept is still not part of the curriculum ...

Is it vitamin B-12 deficiency?

Which way is your health going? Up or down? Or maybe sideways? In other words, do you feel as good as you should?

How healthy is gentrification?

A recent study illustrates the link between gentrification and mental health.

Preventing the flu blues

The cold virus is usually put to rest by “killer cells” produced by our body’s magnificent immune system.

Diving into the Genetics of Sickle Cell Disease

In recent years, genetics has become a hot topic in popular culture, frequently making news headlines and serving as a key theme in movies and TV shows—and for good reason: our genes are what make us unique.

Heart failure . . . and success

Heart failure is becoming more and more common.

This New Year: Stop, look, don’t listen!

Well, today, I would like to give you those three words with a little variation as you cross the street called Life, First, I would suggest that you stop complaining about every little pain you feel.

5 Tips to Shed Those Pounds in the New Year

Maybe you want more energy, or perhaps you want to lose weight and keep it off for good. Whatever your goals, a new year means a fresh start to become the best version of yourself.

In-Sanity Claus

Why do we buy so much? Why do we need so much? I personally believe that the more one buys is related to how much depression one is experiencing.

This holiday season, do your part to prevent drunk driving

After leaving a holiday party, the bright lights you see should be from decorations, not from police cars or a hospital emergency room.

I’m a gingerbread boy

My first introduction to an ethnic cookie was the gingerbread boy or girl that I saw in the window of my local bakery.