Why is Suicide a Growing Problem in the Black Community?

It’s no secret that African Americans – particularly teens – are committing suicide at record levels

We can’t fix birth in the United States until we confront our sexism, racism and classism

The United States is the only industrialized country in the world where maternal death rates are rising, a fact that finally seems to be permeating the national consciousness.

Be more vocal about asthma

Dr. Deas discusses the dangers of asthma.

Sign a living will, while living well

Today, I would like to introduce you to the Homebody family. Mr and Mrs. Homebody enjoyed the company of two lovely children named affectionately, Brother and Sister.

5 tips to detox before the end of summer

As summer winds down, some people who ditched their New Year’s weight-loss resolutions may re-dedicate themselves to looking good.

Holding on to one’s independence

If you want to experience how difficult it is to get through a day without the use of the thumb and index finger, just immobilize your thumb with a wooden splint.

Mandela’s granddaughter joins health foundation as ambassador

Global Access to Cancer Care Foundation ( announced today that Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter, South African writer and activist, Zoleka Mandela, is joining the global medical humanitarian organization as an ambassador.

COMMENTARY: Mental Health Awareness Matters

With so much going on in the world today, there are many real-world issues that are in need of our focus.

Neck pain can be a real you-know-what

You may have been called “a pain in the neck” or bothered by someone you consider to be a pain in the neck, but worse than that can be having real pain in the neck.

Racial and low-Income family Healthcare disparities remain

Although the percentage of Americans without health insurance is far below what it was a decade ago.

Health Dept., providers, to improve care for patients with history of criminal justice involvement

The Health Department announced a campaign to educate health care providers on how to care for patients who disclose a history of criminal justice involvement.

A little touch is never too much

From the time I entered medical school, I can’t recall one course that I took that ever mentioned the word “touch.”

Montefiore Hospital hosts health fair to celebrate 10 years of service

On Saturday, July 20, Montefiore Wakefield Hospital Community members, elected officials and hospital staff gathered to commemorate an incredible 10 years of service.

Eating plastic will make you sick

What did we do before we had plastic? How did we survive? We now have plastic cups, dishes, bottles and wrappings for food.

Black women taking on the fight against diabetes

The cost of insulin is skyrocketing and people—especially Black women—are dying because they cannot afford or don’t have access to vital medication.