Cuomo says all NY school districts can reopen for upcoming academic year

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says based on infection rates, all New York school districts are able to open for the new academic year.

Brief but widespread power outage across Upper Manhattan early Friday

New Yorkers across Upper Manhattan reported widespread power outages early Friday morning. Service seemed to return for most less than an hour later.

New York’s Attorney General alleges widespread corruption at the NRA

New York’s attorney general is suing the National Rifle Association.

A Pooled Trust Makes Home Care Easier to Manage

Decisions about managing long-term care become increasingly important as we age. Choices will have to be made about your care (or your loved one’s care).

Trump’s angst erupts again

To the certainties of death and taxes you can add Trump’s Obama angst and dissing of the late John Lewis.

Name of police-shooting victim Miriam Carey added to Bed-Stuy BLM mural

As the community debated the reopening of the BLM-painted street along Harriet Ross Tubman Avenue/Fulton Street in Bed Stuy, creative Cey Adams used his art activism to add Miriam Carey to the dozens of names memorialized on the mural.

How Jalil Muntaqim case demonstrates the danger of COVID in prisons

“A system that doesn’t value the humanity of Black people,” said Jose Saldana, the director of the Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP) campaign. “It all boils down to the legacy of racism that the entire legal system is based ...

Keep it in the closet: The fight over misconduct records

It wasn’t even a month old and those in uniform had begun to push back.

Parents want reassurance as school year gets underway

As the state’s 700 school districts prepare for students to restart their education in the fall, questions are now arising over whether or not parents would even send their children back to class––even if experts give the green light.

PROTECT OUR CHILDREN: Facebook shareholders urge companies joining 'Stop Hate for Profit' campaign to expand focus on online child sexual abuse

In this new normal as everyone adapts to living in this COVID-19 era, where folks have been largely staying home, online activity on all levels is on the rise.

Harlem Academy breaks ground on permanent campus

On August 3, 2020, Harlem Academy broke ground at 655 St. Nicholas Avenue, site of its permanent home.

Census Caravan hits Harlem

The Census Caravan, 50+ cars deep, traveled through the neighborhoods in Central Harlem which has had the lowest Census response rates.

George Atkins: encouraging political engagement, one shirt at a time

From his involvement in the Camden School Board to shedding a light on Africa during Apartheid, George Atkins used his skill of making T-shirts to inform members of his community about current political issues.

New Yorkers need to complete the Census

In order to discuss New York’s current response to the 2020 Census, the Association for a Better New York (ABNY) hosted a Census press briefing last Thursday via Zoom.

Zimbabwe to pay white farmers for lands taken under Mugabe

“The compensation of land is a settled issue, and we are not revisiting it.”