Housing Works employees join RWDSU

Housing Works employees gave themselves a late Christmas present last week.

Respect Our Supermarket and Retail Workers This Holiday Season

Even in the best of times, the holiday season is very stressful for workers at retail stores and supermarkets.

Workers need protection and relief as pandemic rages

With the White House a bona fide coronavirus hot spot, and case numbers rising in dozens of states, one thing is abundantly clear—we are still in the midst of the pandemic, and experts say we may well be entering into ...

Housing works: let them vote!

Housing Works––which provides housing, healthcare, job training, legal assistance, and other supportive services for people living with HIV/AIDS––has spent the year disrespecting its workers and doing everything it can to deny their right to unionize

Racial and economic justice forever intertwined

In America—and indeed the entire world—an unprecedented and long overdue conversation on racial justice is happening.

The new reality of reopening retail stores

As the Empire State takes its first tentative steps toward reopening the economy, nothing is more important than ensuring we do it the right way.

New Yorkers deserve more from Macy’s than fireworks

Macy’s announcement that it wanted to go ahead with its July 4th fireworks display in the midst of this pandemic should be disturbing to all New Yorkers for several reasons.

Workers on the front lines need our support during crisis

During this unprecedented public health crisis, working men and women are on the front lines in the battle to keep New Yorkers safe and supplied, and to slow down the spread of the coronavirus; so our health care professionals can ...

Housing Works employees’ voices will finally be heard

Housing Works employees have spent over a year trying to get their boss to accept that they want to join the RWDSU.

McNally Jackson workers vote to join RWDSU

Workers at McNally Jackson Bookstores want the ability to collectively bargain for a contract. Their recent actions could lead to that goal.

Housing Works employees demand their rights

When workers at Housing Works first approached our union, I was surprised to hear about the issues they face every day.

Car wash bill will protect workers from injustices

The Car Wash Bill 2019, which would end subminimum wages and help eliminate wage theft for thousands of downstate New York car wash workers, was passed by the New York State Senate and Assembly in June.

CEOs sing a new tune, but action must follow

Business Roundtable—a lobbying organization made up of almost 200 chief executives from Apple, Walmart, JPMorgan Chase, and many more of the world’s largest companies—released a statement in August that purports to change the role of corporations in our society.

For retail workers, difficult times in a seemingly strong economy

While the economy seems to be doing well, and retail companies, their CEOs, and their stockholders seem to be doing well, there’s a group that’s in danger of being left behind: retail workers, many of whom find daily life a ...

The humanitarian crisis of Central American refugees

Ever since the day Donald Trump began his campaign for president, and in the over two years of his administration, he has focused on Central American immigrants.