House Calls



The following remedies have been shown in many cases to heal, as well as cure, many medical conditions that are not always found in medical textbooks.

Dying to live

It seems that doctors are not taking patients’ pain seriously.

Be more vocal about asthma

Dr. Deas discusses the dangers of asthma.

The plan for a best defense

The virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), is thought to have come from a bat. Where the bat got it from is uncertain. However, the virus is here for now and we humans must learn to live and protect ...

Flu prevention tips

Well, the sneeze and sore throat season is upon us with a vengeance, with the added anxiety of the coronavirus making the news numerous times a day.

The skin we’re in

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is a mirror image of what is going on inside and outside. It maintains the correct internal temperature of the body.

Alcohol and Old Lace

Many renowned people have made comments regarding alcoholism. One of those is John W. Gardner, American educator, who stated, “No other national health problem has been so seriously neglected as alcoholism.

Cataracts? Take vitamin C and see

The most important part of a camera is the lens. To keep the lens from...

Laughter may be the answer

My mom used to say that when things were not up to par, “Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.” She also used to sing a song with the words, “Get your hat and get ...

Holiday thoughts

Well, commercial Xmas is over, and folks are beginning to regain their sanity after buying, buying and buying.

Ginger: a healing winter treat

My first introduction to an ethnic cookie was the gingerbread boy or girl that I saw in the window of my local bakery.

A love of birds and animals

Inner-city stray birds and animals experience hazardous conditions during the winter months while they are trying to survive.

Dedicated to those who want change

Many men and women––living and dead––have dedicated their lives for the betterment of mankind. In so doing, they have left their thoughts and deeds for us who are still living to be challenged for change.

Assault upon salt

Salt should be charged with assault and battery for what it is doing to our bodies.

Bad coppers and good coppers

When I was a kid, law officers, peace officers and policemen were referred to as cops or coppers by the bad guys.