Talking SCHOP! Get OUT!

My thank you this week continues to go to frontline and essential workers. Your work is never-ending and some of us are not making your jobs any easier. You remain appreciated.

Pasta for all

TONIGHT! Thursday, July 30, 2020, 6 p.m. EST, tune into Harlem’s own chef Marcus Samuelsson of Red Rooster Harlem and chef Lexis Gonzalez making it a southern-inspired pasta night with Barilla’s Pasta Builders Kit

Talking SCHOP! Eastern District: The B#tch is Back

This week’s “thank you” goes to all of my fellow New Yorkers who are doing their part in keeping us safe and our positive test rate below 1% by socially distancing, wearing a freakin’ mask and to all of the ...

Talking SCHOP! Tune in to ‘Harlem Serves Up!’

Skai Young and Raymond Zamanta Mohan, among others, will headline a one-hour fundraiser special entitled “Harlem Serves Up!” airing on ABC7 New York, THIS SATURDAY, July 18, starting at 7 p.m., from executive producers Marcus Samuelsson and Herb Karlitz.

Those ribs!

I am happy to be back cooking for clients, safely. I polished up all my tricks as I moved back into service; when favorite prepared smoked ribs were not available for a client request, I had to pivot and put ...

Talking SCHOP! The gift & the curse

Now that the celebration of our country’s independence is behind us, we can continue on our pursuits of returning to a new normal.

Up out of the fray

Stuck in the city for the holiday weekend and need a little elevation from it all?

Talking SCHOP! ‘Crazy Delicious’

Though the 7 p.m. clapping on my block has ended, I continue to be grateful to you, essential workers, businesses and healthcare professionals, for your dedication and fortitude.

Harlem EatUp! x World Central Kitchen

Like many who have attended Harlem EatUp! since it began in 2015, I too was disappointed the festival (slated for May 11-17) was postponed due to COVID-19.

Talking SCHOP! Phase II: Harlem reopens (just a li’l)

We are finally in Phase II of reopening. This is great news for many businesses who have struggled to remain open through these times.

Talking SCHOP! Luck Renewed

As I have and will continue to do here first, thank you to essential workers and businesses and to healthcare professionals for all you have done and continue to do on behalf of all of us.

Harlem Black-owned businesses

I was going to qualify the headline of this piece, but realized in doing so I might be part of the problem.

And Still I Rise

George Floyd is the latest visual example of 400 years of systemic racism I and myriad Black and Brown friends and family have faced in one form or another.

Talking SCHOP! Process and progress

On the very day I celebrated 50 years of my life, yet another Black person’s life was taken. George Floyd was murdered, lynched in broad daylight by four ignorant, heartless, diseased police officers in Minneapolis over passing a counterfeit bill.

Talking SCHOP! A little light and lots of joy

Not a day goes by without extreme gratitude to frontline and essential workers helping to keep us sane, productive, “normal” and, dare I say, alive. Blessings on blessings to you and your families