Talking SCHOP! And another one…a ‘first’

I hope you are all easing into spring like Ms. Ross did “down the road.” If you are like me, remote working is proving to be isolating and the antithesis of this season of “new.” However, these first world problems ...

Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pork Belly, Mustard and Shichimi Togarashi

Everybody needs a brussels sprouts recipe up their sleeve, and should be able to whip up a side dish of brussels sprouts with their eyes closed.

Rice. Beans. Love.

Sitting in a dimly lit lecture hall, my professor polled the room, “What is your favorite meal?” I shot my hand straight up into the air and proudly proclaimed, “Rice and beans!” The response: “How pedestrian.”

Puerto Rican Brown Rice & Beans

Check out the recipe for this Puerto Rican favorite.

Talking SCHOP! And the world still spins

Wow…spring...spring? As most of us have done since the beginning of this pandemic, I often think back to what I was doing one year ago to the day.

Talking SCHOP! For the Black food culture

It is our pande-versary. Rest in peace to the over 550,000 people lost thus far. Their spirits will be remembered forever.

Roots to seeds to vines

My name is Malene Younglao. Yes, while it might seem an odd name for a Black woman, it is quite common in my country, a place where little Brown girls have names as a reflection of the history, culture and ...

Huevos Rotos remix

Here’s a remix on the infamous Spanish dish known as Huevos Rotos (“broken eggs”), sans the jamon, potato, chorizo, or copious amounts of oil usually used when making this dish.

Neighbors feeding neighbors

In my East Harlem building, a small corner of the lobby serves as a mini food pantry all due to the kindness of one neighbor who placed the first bag of groceries.

Talking SCHOP! Just Ask…Then Ask Again

Just when we thought Ms. Mother Nature might give us a break, since we are in a pandemic, she said, “Oh, no ma’am!”

Restaurant Weeks for All

If you did not read about it last week, New York City Winter Restaurant Week 2021 has been extended through the end of February.

Talking SCHOP! AmNewsFOOD comes full-circle

I hope all are staying safe and warm after our first major snowstorm since 2016. Yes, we know Punxsutawney Phil, six more weeks of winter (eye roll).

NYC Restaurant Week 2021 EXTENDED!

I hope you got out in these streets and/or on your smart phones and supported the over 35 Harlem and East Harlem restaurants that participated in NYC Winter Restaurant Week 2021.

Talking SCHOP! Build Back Better

Disgust turned anger turned justice turned reverence turned joy turned relief. These are the stages of my feelings over these first weeks of 2021.

NYC Restaurant Week 2021: Pandemic Edition

Much like the USPS slogan, “through rain, sleet or snow,” New York City Winter Restaurant Week is here with that socially-distant touch we have all come to treasure…le sigh.