Talking SCHOP! An early bird start

have much more to tell you about my “best life” back in Barbados, but gobble day is just two weeks away and I want you to live your best turkey life.

Talking SCHOP! Live your BEST life!

Fine. Oprah might have been the first person to say it but over the past couple of months I have come to know what “living your best life” is really about.

Talking SCHOP! Guma some more

Happy all hallows’ eve Harlem! Now, whether you deserve a “trick” or a “treat,” I will let the ghosts and goblins be the judge.

Talking SCHOP! Harlem Harvest Festival 2019

And just like that, Harlem celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Harlem Harvest Festival on Saint Nicholas Avenue between 117th and 118th streets.

Talking SCHOP! First Course NYC, thank you!

The NYC Department of Small Business Services has launched First Course NYC, a paid culinary apprenticeship to train New Yorkers and connect them to quality entry-level line cook jobs in leading New York City restaurants.

Talking SCHOP! A Likkle time in Brooklyn

It was a lazy end of summer Sunday in Harlem.

Talking SCHOP! Get your food, drink AND art on!

Oh boy, I love what I do and to be able to share it with you on a weekly basis is a boon! Yes, I am often invited to come taste some food and drink and talk shop with various ...

Talking SCHOP! The Little Cabin that could…

Well, good end of summer to all. I hope the time away from the city and/or your normal routine fed your soul and spirit. Bring on fall.

Talking SCHOP! Bronx Little Italy, Part III

If you have been following along this Bronx Little Italy food journey, thank you.

Talking SCHOP! Bronx Little Italy, Part II

Last I left you, I was finally making a left onto the legendary Arthur Avenue, aka Bronx’s Little Italy.

Talking SCHOP! Bronx Little Italy, Part II

For years I have heard of the magic of Arthur Avenue, the history, the authenticity, the legacy, but I never experienced it firsthand…until very recently.

Talking SCHOP! ‘Happy eating and thanks for reading’

I am taking a moment to thank all of the readers of this historic newspaper. Aside from a job, the collective work of the team is a labor of love, yes, but mostly a labor of respect for you, the ...

Talking SCHOP!…Into Crazy Rich Weekend

Last I left you I was still in recovery mode from the 5th annual Harlem EatUp! festival. After which I went straight into a birthday Memorial Day Weekend celebration in Montreal.

Talking SCHOP! Crazy Rich Week

Wow. Wow. WOW! Harlem EatUp! 2019 is in the books and I am over the moon about my part in it and the people who make it happen.

The World’s Fare 2019

In addition to my work with Harlem EatUp! this weekend, I was named as an Official Tastemaker for the second annual World’s Fare in Citi Field also happening this weekend, May 18-19.