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Once again: multiple Caribbean elections this year

Election observers were hard pressed last year to scramble from one country to the next to monitor general elections in a plethora of countries across the Caribbean Community and its neighbors in spite of the challenges posed by shuttered airports ...

U.S. lawmakers again pressure Bahamas to abandon oil exploration

As Caribbean neighbors Guyana and Suriname continue to make global headlines with world class offshore oil discoveries, the U.S. government, a bipartisan group of American lawmakers and local activists continue to put pressure on authorities in The Bahamas to shut ...

Vincentians vote in the latest elections in Caricom

The big question is whether Vincentians will give Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves a fifth consecutive term in office from general elections scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 5 or whether they will vote to close off an era marked by a mix ...

Back to back elections coming up in Caricom

Yet another group of voters are preparing to vote in general elections in the 15-nation Caribbean Community with authorities in St. Vincent naming Thursday, Nov. 5 as elections date, as a poll weary region braces for yet another contest in ...

Racial tension intensifies in Guyana; Afro protestors take to streets

It has been barely a month in office for the Indo-dominated People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in Guyana.

Ruling party in Trinidad wins; Jamaicans next to vote?

The sixth of eight scheduled general elections in the Caribbean Community was held on Monday, Aug. 10, with the governing People’s National Movement (PNM) in Trinidad losing one of its 23 seats but holding on for a narrow three-seat win ...

Guyana says no to U.S. radio broadcasts to Venezuela

With the Trump administration demanding that the government of President David A. Granger step aside and leave office in the wake of highly disputed general elections, authorities here think they now understand why Washington has clearly turned its face away ...

Caribbean reparations fight takes new turn: Swiss were also involved

The fight by Caribbean Community nations to make Britain and other former slave-trading European nations pay for one of the worst genocides in human history has taken an interesting turn, with researchers unearthing evidence that the Swiss were also involved.

Yet another storm threatens the Caribbean

“There is a possibility of heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and high winds,” Craig said of the current trajectory should the storm pass just outside Guyana’s northern regions.

Bay Gardens Properties listed in Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame

Bay Gardens Hotel and its sister property, Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa in St. Lucia, have entered the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame after being recognized for outstanding hospitality for five consecutive years by the influential travel ...

Guyana government wary of Venezuelan immigrants

Wary of anything of any kind emanating from neighboring Venezuela because of its decades-old claim on Guyana’s territory, the government of Guyana has told people claiming Guyanese ancestry, and who are looking to set up homesteads on local soil, that ...

Jamaica encouraged by 3D oil and gas surveys

Jamaica is fancying its chances of becoming the latest Caribbean Community nation after Guyana to find commercial quantities of oil and gas in the wake of encouraging indications from the most recent round of offshore surveys.

The irony of the US human rights report

Every year, without fail, the U.S. State Department issues a human rights report on nearly 200 countries and territories globally. T

Britain backs away from deporting Caribbean nationals

In the past week, Britain was hammered from nearly every section of society for its far-right-type decision to sound deportation warnings to thousands of Caribbean nationals who had, ironically, been invited in the colonial era to settle there to help ...

Disbelief as Trinidad rejects storm-ravaged Dominica’s request for fee waiver

As everyone knows, Dominica was ravaged by Hurricane Maria in mid-September. Most of its buildings, farmlands, electricity and telephone systems were leveled, roads rendered impassable and schools pulverized by record high winds from that storm.