Dreamy day trips from NYC

What a difference a day makes. You don’t always need a two-week vacation.

Lighthouses on the East Coast

Lighthouses are special. Since forever they have served as beacons in the night, helping captains navigate the seas and steer clear of danger.

U.S. destinations for restoration

After the year that was 2020, and the drama continuing with the flip of the calendar, who isn’t ready for a retreat from the madness?

‘Under-the-radar’ wine regions

When you think of wine growing, places like the Napa Valley, Sonoma, Bordeaux and Tuscany likely come to mind, but there is great wine where you might not expect.

Jazz in surprising places

Some cities are hotspots for jazz. For sure jazz giants such as New Orleans, New York and Chicago come to mind.

Hotels with ties to women’s history

For sure there’s herstory when it comes to women and hotels. Here are some of the hotels that have unique ties to women and celebrate their achievements.

Planning for post-pandemic travel

With the rollout of vaccines, those fantasies of traveling again are starting not to feel like wishful thinking.

Inexpensive bucket list getaways

At some point in the not-too-distant future you may feel like you have the greenlight to, at long last, travel. No doubt your bucket list grew while you had time on your hands to fantasize.

New Black attractions to explore in 2021

Celebrating Black history isn’t just something to be done in February. Every day is more like it.

Rethink travel: Put a train ride on your itinerary

There’s something about taking the train. You sit back, soak in the scenery, settle in with a good book, music, or if you must, work on your laptop. You avoid airport hassles like long TSA security lines.

Future travel fantasy: Beautiful Bordeaux

Who knows when you’ll be able to safely travel to France?

Museum restaurants that are serving up works of art

Remember the days when the “restaurant” at the museum was a low priority? At best, you might expect a café serving up sandwiches, soup or salad to tide you over in-between your museum browsing.

Hotels for art aficionados

Picasso said that art washes away the soul of the dust of everyday life—so does travel. That truth hasn’t gone unnoticed by hotels.

Get planning: U.S. destinations for solo travelers

While you wait for the day that you feel safe enough to hit the road given the pandemic, start fantasizing about where in America you want to go.

All-inclusive resorts in the U.S.

There’s something about an all-inclusive resort that makes your vacay easy. Everything from food to entertainment is taken care of.