Talking SCHOP! Black caterers, like me

This month my business SCHOP! celebrates 17 years in business! SEVENTEEN!

Talking SCHOP! Lechón means pork

Admittedly, I do not make it to East Harlem enough. I know I am missing a whole lot of awesome regional Mexican, Dominican, Puerto Rican and pan-Spanish foods as well as...

African pop-up festival NYC

The organizers of African Restaurant Week produced a new week of events to celebrate Black History Month titled A Taste of Africa Week.

Talking SCHOP! Chili meatloaf

I do love some chili, especially on cold days like we have been having.

Free (delivery) Friday for Uptown Restaurant Week

Listen, you work hard! You deserve free delivery every day to the office, but seldom if not ever get it. Well, tomorrow, Feb. 8, you will get it for you and four of your colleagues (…or five orders for yourself) ...

Uptown Restaurant Week 2019

Yes, yes, NYC Winter Restaurant Week is happening all over the city, as we reported last week. However, we were remiss not to highlight East Harlem’s Uptown Winter Restaurant Week...

Talking SCHOP! Wings 12-24-36…hut-hut!

You know what this Sunday is and whether you like it or not, the food will always be a winner.

NYC Winter Restaurant Week 2019

Running from Jan. 21 to Feb. 8, it’s the annual NYC Winter Restaurant Week 2019! Get into a two-course lunch for $26 and/or a $42 three-course dinner at participating restaurants.

Breakfasting with chef JJ Johnson

TV One launched their new women’s channel, CLEO TV, with an exclusive preview of their new series, “Just Eats with Chef JJ.”

7 Grains Health Food in Harlem celebrates over 40 years in business

Black-owned health food store 7 Grains is celebrated 43 years, and its owner, Abdul M. Malik, is celebrating his 80th birthday.

Never too late for luck

Yes, I had my “luck in the new year” black-eyed peas Jan. 2. And? I had them, they were delicious and I feel lucky!

Talking SCHOP! Stepping on the bandwagon

A very Happy New Year again to you and yours. I wish you all of the health, wealth and good food you can stand. Cheers!

Three popular eating plans you’ll see in the New Year

If you’re thinking about revamping how you eat in the new year, you might want to think twice about the trendy dairy-free plans that crop up on your social media feed...

Talking SCHOP! Looking back on 2018

The past year has proved to be filled with lots of good cooking, eating, events and travel.

Dinner and a movie were never like this!

Date night in New York City can take any direction, but there is a new way to combine dinner, drinks and a movie in the city that will impress across the board.