Reel Sisters honors pioneering, cultural icon Nana Camille Yarbrough Oct. 11

On Friday, Oct. 11, at 6 p.m., Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival & Lecture Series will honor award-winning performance artist, author and cultural activist Camille Yarbrough with their distinguished Reel Sisters Hattie McDaniel Award

Michelle Buteau: more than a comedian in BET’s ‘First Wives Club’

There are a few new reasons to get Netflix—or to keep Netflix—and that reason is Michelle Buteau. Not only is she funny (maybe, one of the new greats in the making) she’s beautiful.

Reel Sisters Film Fest kicks off Oct. 5

The Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival & Lecture Series—the first Academy Qualifying Film Festival devoted to women filmmakers—will present an exciting lineup of films dedicated to self-care, wellness and healing.

URBANWORLD 2019 showcases true craftsmanship

It’s a wrap for the 2019 Urban Film Festival, the brainchild of founder Gabrielle Glore (festival director & head of programming, Urbanworld Film Festival) in a year she called “exceptional.”

‘Ad Astra’ doesn’t add up

Astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) travels to outer space to figuratively kill two birds with one stone—or one trip.

‘Abominable’ is a ton of family fun

I say yes, yes, yes to meeting and befriending this particular Yeti.

‘Motherless Brooklyn’ closes NYFF, Oct. 9

In the press release for the new Warner Bros film “Motherless Brooklyn” written and directed by Edward Norton and based on the Jonathan Lethem novel about a New York detective with Tourette syndrome, the highlight is that the film is ...

Woodstock Film Fest celebrates 20th anniversary Oct. 2-6

The Woodstock Film Festival announced the full lineup for its landmark 20th anniversary, taking place from Oct. 2-6 in the historic Hudson Valley towns of Woodstock, Rhinebeck, Kingston, Saugerties and Rosendale.

‘Harriet’ directed by Kasi Lemmons is “masterful, timely and emotionally searing”

Director Kasi Lemmons understood something about Harriet Tubman that countless history books didn’t gleam or, if they did, they choose not to share: Harriet Tubman was a woman filled with love.

Forest Whitaker’s ‘Godfather of Harlem’ gets it right! 10 out of 10!

In “Godfather of Harlem” award-winning actor and producer Forest Whitaker gets it right as Harlem businessman of the streets, Bumpy Johnson.

‘Hustlers’—a reason to go the movies!

The world places its proverbial foot on the necks of the woman—around the world—so it’s no surprise that women use their sexuality as a weapon, and it’s a powerful one.

Nia Hampton creates unprecedented space for Black femme filmmakers

Filmmaker, Black feminist, author and organizer Nia Hampton is a young Black woman on the rise.

57th New York Film Fest, Sept. 27-Oct. 13

There are only four more months left in the year, can you believe it? But don’t fret because the month of September brings the best in film from around the world at the annual 57th New York Film Festival (Sept. ...

‘Top Boy’ returns after six years

The cult television show, which has been called “Britain’s answer to ‘The Wire’, was canceled six years ago despite critical acclaim of its real and gritty depiction of street culture in London.

TCM’s ‘Silent Sundays’ returns with new host

Thanks to filmmakers such as Oscar Micheaux and Noble Johnson, University of Chicago Cinema and Media Studies professor Jacqueline Stewart says, there was a Black presence in the U.S. film industry from its very beginnings