Bow-legged Lou’s dad is memorialized

JACQUELINE WADE GEORGE | 6/25/2020, midnight
Lucien George Sr. was born the 27th day of October 1937 in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Lucien George Sr. Contributed

Lucien George Sr. was born the 27th day of October 1937 in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. He went to be with the Lord on the 5th day of April 2020. His loving wife Jacqueline Wade George was with him at Mount Sinai Morningside-St. Luke’s Hospital when he transitioned. 

Lucien George Sr. was the eldest son of Abraham Agustus George and Augusta Marie Dawson–Donovan. At an early age, Lucien had a talent for singing and would sing all the time. Lucien went to Lincoln Grade school in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. He attended a few years of high school. He loved learning. He also helped out at home with caring for and watching over his younger brothers and sisters. He was a loving big brother and a mama’s boy. As a boy and teenager, Lucien Sr. helped to support the  family. He started out working as a bus boy and became a waiter at Bluebeard’s Castle Hotel. Lucien Sr. also loved to swim in his free time.

Lucien Sr. moved to New York in 1958 with his first wife Carmen George and their first born son, Lucien Lou George Jr. 
Lucien Sr. always had a great love for music. His favorite R&B music acts were the Temptations, Jerry Butler, Ben E. King, The Drifters, Sam & Dave and many others. Lucien used to sing with many doo-wop groups in the neighborhood such as a popular local group at the time by the name of The Criterion’s. Lucien Sr. had an especially great ear for harmonizing. He loved to rehearse and perform. When he performed, it was amazing. He also dressed and danced beautifully when he performed. 
He would later instill his music chops in his three sons: one day, he heard his second son Paul Anthony George singing in the bathroom. He then recruited his two other sons Lucien George Jr., and Brian George to sing as a trio. He practiced with them, mentored them and taught them the arts of singing and vocalizing with harmonies. He would also have them singing on street corners and subways as crowds applauded them. His sons were his life, his world. He dreamed big things for them. 
Later, his younger brother Cito George would help Lucien Sr. cultivate them as a three-man singing group. Lucien Sr. also had his son’s mother Carmen and Grandmother Amancia sew and make their earliest outfits. In the late ’60s/early ’70s, Lucien Sr. and his brother Cito would take the boys to the Apollo Theater where they achieved huge success winning first place four times in a row at the Apollo Theater Wednesday night “Amateur Night.”

Lucien Sr. later joined forces with his son Lucien Jr.’s college friend Steve Salem to form a management partnership where Full Force was born with his three sons and their three cousins, Gerry Charles, Curtis Bedeau and Hugh Shy Shy Clarke. In the ’80s, Lucien Sr. would be in the studio with them when they worked with such artists as Patti LaBelle, Howard Hewett, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, UTFO and James Brown amongst others. Mr. Brown gave Lucien Sr. the nickname, Papa Force. It was always about the work for Lucien Sr.