Ameria Alleyne’s educationally fueled passion for a life of empowerment

BRENIKA BANKS | 6/4/2020, midnight
Growing up as a first-generation American child from Trinidadian immigrant parents, most of Ameria Alleyne’s fondest memories are infused with ...
Ameria Alleyne Contributed

America Alleyne has been protesting for years, even while pregnant and with her son as a baby. “Literally as a newborn, one week old, he was with me in that pouch,” she said. Alleyne has not brought her 3-year-old son along to the on-going protests in Downtown Brooklyn because of safety reasons. With Alleyne’s strong education background alongside her husband’s activist work to better their community, she knows how crucial it is for their son to grow up in a world where injustices against Black people are very little to none. “I continue to inform him as much as possible. The informing is through love. When there’s love, there’s a lot of passion that comes out of it, as well as more direction. When you are fully loved, you feel as though you are fully supported.” Alleyne also shared that both her and her husband have regular, simple conversations with their son about current events.

What happened to Alleyne and her husband Friday night was the first-time things escalated to an arrest during any of their protests. However, that night will not deter the couple from future protests. Alleyne said she was calm during her arrest and credited her ancestors with spiritually protecting her. “When you close your eyes and you see something you are not able to identify, it is the ancestors that have my back and my husband’s back.”