Knowyournumb3rs Rebirth of a New Nation: July 30 - August 5

Kya French | 7/30/2020, midnight
Trust, believe, and keep the faith that you’re heading in the right direction and it’s leading to a promising path.
Zodiac/Astrology Pixabay

Trust, believe, and keep the faith that you’re heading in the right direction and it’s leading to a promising path. Stay on point and do what you feel is right. This week’s energy will be laden with promise so don’t jump the gun. Everything in moderation, since there are four planets now in retrograde (Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune) doing their due diligence while you continue your journey. Keep your eyes and ears open to information. Friends or family members may ask for guidance. Pay attention to the social realm as you will find the answers to your questions soon. “We must act to shape and mold the future, and leave our imprints on events as they slip past into history.” Haile Selassie

Capricorn: This is a monumental, outstanding week to adjust your preparations in areas of self- realization towards a better quality of life. When interacting with others, embrace them with a smile along with a compliment. People will want to occupy your time; make sure it’s conducive to your schedule. An increase in finances, along with networking with others, may be the catalyst and keys that hold the pieces to the puzzle. It could be a friend of a friend or a colleague who may be the source of the catalyst you seek. Lucky you! “There is no barrier to success which diligence and perseverance cannot hurdle.” Oscar Micheaux

Aquarius: The floodgates are opening with advancements, recognition, and a possible increase in pay. Wait! Hold on, and think about it, since the excitement of it is getting to your beautiful, intellectual mind. The question becomes: can you handle being in authority, along with the skill-set of obligations? Reach out to an elder or someone of wisdom to consult with during this cycle. A unique and strategic approach with a plan is all you need along with time management. ”Without a struggle, there can be no progress.” Frederick Douglass

Pisces: What your body can sense and feel your mind can interpret to help you collectively assemble things in a rational matter. Almost like the influence of the cosmos, divine sources are softly speaking, whispering in your ear, directing you. Sometimes things don’t need to be said or justified until there’s a click in the other person’s mind. Don’t second guess yourself or deviate from your responsibility, particularly this week. “I planned my success. I knew it was going to happen.” Erykah Badu

Aries: If you can sense it you can feel it, knowing something important and dynamic is forthcoming. There is a special energy surrounding you that lets you know it’s about “me” this time around. Carefully sit down in a comfortable position, relax your mind, and meditate. Envision, in your mind’s eye, the clues that are in sight. Don’t get distracted by instantaneous experiences. Instead, try to understand the who, what, where, when, and the how. Just don’t overthink. All things materialize in divine order as always.” If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” Booker T. Washington