First Baptist of Crown Heights installs youth & wisdom: new pastor Rev. Rashad Raymond Moore

HAZEL ROSETTA SMITH | 2/6/2020, 2:36 p.m.
This is a story only half told of a millennial minister who has risen in stature and wisdom to dwell ...

Rev. Dr. Violet Dease Lee, exec. minister, Christ Church, NYC, gave the CHARGE TO THE PASTOR (“Live, love and lead. Take care of yourself.”); former pastor, Reverend Dr. Daryl G. Bloodsaw in the CHARGE TO THE CHURCH reminded members that he was obedient in recommending God’s selection of Rashad Raymond Moore to lead The First Baptist Church onward; and Rev. Willie Dwayne Francois in the CHARGE TO JUSTICE admonished him to (“Follow the real Jesus. Call out the sin, not the sinner.”)

Rev. Nicholas L. Richards arrived from South Africa to speak on “Helping You to Get Ready.” Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Veronica Moore assisted in the PRESENTATION OF THE ROBE. Three individual pieces, three symbolic colors joined in majestic silk brilliance, explained by Rev. Richards, to incorporate fire (light), black (power) and green (becoming.) No stripes, no cross or religious emblem, just a devout look of wisdom, as a sage of old or magi would have worn.

The legacy of The First Baptist Church of Crown Heights began in 1953, under the leadership of its founding pastor, the Rev. Dr. Clarence Norman, Sr., who served dutifully for 62 years. At the passing of Dr. Norman, the second pastor, Rev. Dr. Daryl G. Bloodsaw served diligently from 2015 to 2019. He recently accepted the invitation to pastor The Ebenezer Baptist Church in Athens, Georgia.

Finally, with the same humble warmth and welcoming spirit he has always presented, Moore stood on the pulpit to thank and acknowledge. Under his newly received God-given right, he is henceforth entitled to be recognized as the Rev. Rashad Raymond Moore, pastor of The First Baptist Church of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. And, the church said Amen!