Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go! #147

EDITORIAL | 11/27/2019, 10:01 a.m.
We need not say again our feelings about polls, which are but a momentary reading of an issue, but we ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

We need not say again our feelings about polls, which are but a momentary reading of an issue, but we are certainly elated to learn that a recent CNN poll shows that half the country believes that Trump should not only be impeached by the House but also removed from office by

the Senate.

This is not exactly fresh news since the same numbers were reported in a poll in mid-October. Even so, the 50% is holding steady and that is evidence that the impeachment hearings neither hurt nor improved his national standings.

Of course, we know that Trump will view this as a victory and that the House’s witch hunt was a miserable failure, a fishing expedition without pulling in the great white whale.

But Trump should not gloat, and the news that he has enlisted the help of a Clinton supporter to help in the impeachment battle is further indication that he’s still a bit nervous about the inquiry.

The CNN poll also compared Trump’s numbers with those President Clinton had in 1998, where only 29 percent felt he should be impeached and removed.

Polls, notwithstanding, our position remains the same and we feel all the more encouraged following the House Intelligence Committee hearings and the testimony of several outstanding witnesses.

That momentum may continue as the House Judiciary Committee opens its proceedings, and, remember it was Rep. Nadler who was among the most vocal of the Democrats promising to put Trump’s feet to the impeachment fire.

Trump is trembling but he remains a very dangerous foe; yes, he’s being cornered but like any terrible animal, he is no less


Let’s hope the polls morph into something even more substantial as a fresh complement of witnesses’ line up and tell the truth about the portent of high crimes and misdemeanors now bedeviling Trump.

We welcome a judicial process that will remove him from office and put an end to our plaint that to Make America Great Again––Trump Must Go!