Trump’s stall on the wall

Herb Boyd | 1/31/2019, 3:13 p.m.
If things go as they most certainly will, the nation will be stalled again with Trump’s unlikely budge on his ...
Donald Trump White House photo

If things go as they most certainly will, the nation will be stalled again with Trump’s unlikely budge on his demand to get his wall built on our southern border.

After 35 days of shuttered business in the nation’s capital, the nation will have to shoulder again another interminable government shutdown come Feb. 15. By then, many of the nearly million workers furloughed or missing checks will still be struggling from the aftermath of the previous shutdown.

Although the shutdown was partial, it still sent devastating economic and political shockwaves across the country, with millions of residents scrambling to make ends meet.

Trump has dug his heels in and so have the Democrats, and so we can expect another delay on many of the programs, activities and maybe even flight interruptions that played such a critical role in ending the shutdown.

It’s a good bet we are on our way to another impasse, if the unmovable object in the Oval Office continues his standoff with the irresistible force in Congress.

According to recent reports, even some Republican elected officials are becoming troubled by Trump’s stubborn resolve to have the Congress give him the nearly $6 billion to build a wall. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been unshakable in her resistance to his demands, deeming them “immoral” in one statement. Or medieval, according to Sen. Kamala Harris, who recently threw her hat in the ring for a presidential run in 2020.

“Have I not been clear on a wall?” Pelosi asked rhetorically. “I’ve been very clear on the wall.” That was her response when asked by reporters if her position had changed in view of the recent developments.

Trump is caught again between that proverbial rock and a hard place, where conceding to the opposition has hurt his standings with his base while continuing to dig in has apparently ruffled his Republican cohort.

Recent polls are not at all favorable for Trump, with many respondents placing the blame on him for the government shutdown, which they will probably do again should the dire predictions hold.

Déjà vu all over again? Yep, Yogi, it looks that way.