Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go! #104

EDITORIAL | 1/31/2019, 12:17 p.m.
Trump, his weapon of mass distraction once more active, has dipped into another foreign affair much as in the past ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

Trump, his weapon of mass distraction once more active, has dipped into another foreign affair much as in the past when domestic problems pin him down. At the moment it’s his intervention in the turmoil in Venezuela where a virtual coup d’état has roiled this Latin American nation.

The volatile situation in Venezuela cannot be explained in a brief editorial. But one thing is clear, a presumed democratically elected government and its beleaguered president, Nicolas Maduro, are suddenly on the brink of being dissolved by the opposition.

A scenario such as this one with the shadow of a U.S. intervention is nothing new in Latin America. We have seen it happen on more than one disastrous occasion, and with Trump siding with the opposition, the prospects there become all the more ominous.

Trump’s siding with the opposition there distracts from the arrest of his former political strategist Roger Stone; from the government shutdown, for which most Americans blame him; and from the mounting investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. These problems have almost all been swept from the headlines as Trump imposes economic sanctions on Venezuela.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if such anti-democratic fervor in the U.S. could bring about a change and remove Trump from office? By inserting himself in this turbulence Trump has violated international law, although we know that he has no respect for the rule of law, not at home or abroad. Even more troubling is to learn that the controversial neoconservative Elliot Abrams has been dispatched to heal things; we will always remember his nefarious role in the Iran-Contra debacle.

Whereas Russia and China have voiced their objections to Trump’s support of the opposition in Venezuela, the Democratic Party and even its left wing have been practically silent on the uprising. In fact, some of them are cheering Trump’s position, unwittingly playing into his complicit distraction.

Our basic concern is that to get involved in Venezuela means a lessening of concern for some pressing domestic issues, most prominently the shutdown of the government, which becomes imminent again in two weeks.

As more than one commentator has noted, when anti-democratic forces abroad gain an upper hand, it’s not a good omen for democracy here, which in too many ways has been shredded by the current regime.

In this very dark period of U.S. history, Trump’s decision on Venezuela does not bring a glimmer of light or right. The upheaval of fascism anywhere on the globe feeds into the incipient fascism here at home, and we should be alarmed.

We have enough problems in Washington, D.C. to compound things by any form of engagement in Venezuela, and the toppling of the government there is not a good sign, but such a moment in our precincts might be welcomed and our call unnecessary that to Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go!