Assemblyman Charles Barron calls Columbus a racist, murdering colonizer, who should not have a day of celebration

This upcoming Columbus Day is a reminder that Columbus was not a hero, he was a savage murderer of Indigenous people so-called Indians, and African people who he enslaved. He was a colonizer of the Hispaniola Island, where he tortured and enslaved African and Indigenous people. Columbus never discovered America, he only discovered that he was lost. Most historians say Columbus never stepped foot on American soil and if he did, you can’t discover a place where people already exist. My bill (A8676) calls for the changing of Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day. All people of good will and high morality should support this idea. My bill is currently in the Governmental Operations Committee of the NYS Assembly. In this upcoming session, I plan to bring attention to and seek support for my bill. Mayor Bill deBlasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo, who are both of Italian heritage, should condemn this racist, murdering colonizer Columbus and support my legislation.

The Governor’s call to support both days is hypocritical, unconscionable and unacceptable. There should be no day celebrating a racist, murdering colonizer like Columbus.