Make America Great Again #93

EDITORIAL | 11/8/2018, midnight
The midterm election has come and gone and if there’s one undeniable fact, Trump will be vigorously opposed by the ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

The midterm election has come and gone and if there’s one undeniable fact, Trump will be vigorously opposed by the House, and two key Black Democrats may play a decisive role in the challenging of his negative agenda, his reactionary policies.

Reps. Maxine Waters of California and Elijah Cummings of Maryland are two Democratic leaders who have not been silent or less than aggressive in their resentment of Trump and his administration. Waters, an outspoken and relentless crusader to impeach Trump, may assume the chair of the House Financial Services Committee, which will give her additional power to push her campaign. Cummings may chair the House Oversight Committee and take Trump to task for his violations of the Constitution.

And Waters’ initiative will be certainly bolstered if Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York takes the chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

With the Dems now in control of the House, despite the important setbacks on the gubernatorial front, particularly in Georgia and Florida, we wait to see the extent to which the representatives can take advantage of this momentum and step up to the plate with 2020 looming on the horizon.

Now the Dems have a chance to really put a realistic immigration plan in place and nullify one of Trump’s cards as he seeks to arouse his base.

To be sure, there are a lot of ifs, ands and buts as a possible reinvigorated House is seated. Still, so much depends on the collective muscle the Dems can bring to the table—whether they are able to withstand the pushback from Trump, who is not about to concede an inch of his red territory, not an iota of the ever increasing venom in his arsenal.

But a fresh wave of gumption from the representatives will also inspire their constituents, who have convincingly demonstrated their resolve in turning out to the polls in record numbers.

A partial verdict has been delivered on Trump’s first two years in office, and now the combined might of the new and veteran members of the House cannot rest on these momentary laurels. They must be creative and spirited in keeping Trump’s feet to the fire, keeping the main issues in focus, and not lose sight of the major prize.

Putting a lot of intellectual and political capital in impeachment may not be the best strategy, but it’s not a wasted effort if Dems are prepared to fight on other fronts as well.

What is needed is an all-out frontal assault on Trump and his policies, leaving no stone unturned as we promote our objectives and to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!