ACC basketball features defending champions Duke and UNC in Brooklyn

It’s unfortunate that next year will be the last year that the Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball Tournament will be hosted here in New York City, in Brooklyn. It will relocate back to North Carolina in 2020 now that the bathroom laws that had been enacted in 2016, causing protest and boycotts from the likes of Bruce Springsteen to the members of the ACC, were amended in 2017. 

Along with Jim Boeheim’s Syracuse team representing the tristate area, the ACC brings Duke and the University of North Carolina to Brooklyn, Barclays Center, potentially for another game between the two Carolina rivals, the greatest rivalry in college basketball. It’s Yankees- Red Sox; Riverside versus Gauchos.

The rest of the Tobacco Road teams, Wake Forest and NC State, also from North Carolina, are also enrolled. 

The ACC Basketball Tournament began Tuesday and continues through Saturday night’s championship. 

In Game 1 of the tournament Tuesday, 12-seeded Boston College defeated 13-seeded Georgia Tech, 87-77. Notre Dame, seeded 10th, beat Pitt, seeded 15th, 67-64 in Game 2. In Game 3, 11-seeded Syracuse defeated 14-seeded Wake Forest, 73-64. Wake Forest is the first of the Carolina teams to go.

Winners of yesterday’s games, round 2—Florida State (seeded 8th) versus Louisville (seeded 9th) in Game 4; NC State (seeded 5th) versus Boston College in Game 5; Virginia Tech (seeded 7th) versus Notre Dame (seeded 10th) in Game 6; and University of North Carolina (seeded 6th), the defending NCAA champion, versus Syracuse (seeded 11th) in Game 7—are matched up in Round 3, today, Thursday.

In Game 8, the Virginia Cavaliers, the No. 1 seed, play the winner of Game 4. In Game 9, Clemson, the No. 4 seed, plays the winner of Game 5. In Game 10, No. 2 Duke, the defending ACC champions, play the winner of Game 6. In Game 11, Miami, the No. 3 seed, plays the winner of Game 7 to close out the day.

Friday (tomorrow) are the semifinals. In Game 12, the winner of Game 8 plays the winner of Game 9 beginning at 7 p.m., and in Game 13, the winner of Game 10 plays the winner Game 11.

Saturday night, 8:30 p.m., is the ACC Championship. Winners get the trophy and receive an automatic bid to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Duke has won the most ACC championships since it began in 1954.