Horoscope: May 31 - June 6


March 21-April 21

Professionally, you will be encouraged by things going smoothly. Socially, you will find yourself in a situation where you have to foot the bill for others. Your heart will pull you toward someone, even though your head will not agree. Strict dietary control will keep you fit as a fiddle. Lucky Number: 3; Lucky Color: Cream


April 22-May 21

Not giving an important work assignment the urgency it requires will get you into trouble. You have to create the right ambience to make you romance work. Be sensitive to the mood of your partner. You will get worked up over increasing household expenditures and have a showdown with a family member over it. Lucky Number: 9; Lucky Color: Maroon


May 22-June 21

It is best to deal with difficulties at work when they first arise than to face tension and stress later. Someone will breathe down your neck to make sure you get something done. Romantic thoughts will keep you mentally occupied. You will opt for an expensive gift even though something more modest would be appreciated just as much. You should resume your workouts to get back into shape. Lucky Number: 4; Lucky Color: Light Blue


June 22-July 23

Your intelligence and proactive moves will keep you a step ahead of your rivals at work. You can expect an increase in salary. You will get the opportunity to acquire property at a good price. You will get a chance to take an overseas trip. A matchmaking exercise will be successful, and Cupid’s arrow will strike. Lucky Number: 17; Lucky Color: Electric Blue


July 24-August 23

You will achieve mental satisfaction at work. Your financial issues will be handled competently. Your romantic relationship will become strained. You will not be able to contain your annoyance over something someone did at home. You should avoid late nights out this week. Lucky Number: 5; Lucky Color: Bluish Green


August 24-September 23

Read the fine print before buying insurance. A home remedy will prove beneficial in soothing a minor ailment. Peace will prevail at home because your desire for money does not exceed your love for those around you. You will be placed on the pedestal by a romantic admirer. You should adopt a balanced diet and proper exercise routine to maintain your health. Lucky Number: 6; Lucky Color: Parrot Green


September 24-October 23

Things will start looking up at work. Your company will be awarded a lucrative contract. Doubts and misgivings will recede as you gain clarity. Sweet words from your partner will be most reassuring. You will be busy but will still find time for some idle gossip. Steps you have taken for your health will be beneficial. Lucky Number: 18; Lucky Color: Pink


October 24-November 22

A venture you are contemplating will require good financial planning. Give it some more thought and time to resolve any doubts you are having. Someone will express love for you. Changes made to your home will require the consent of those affected. You will need to keep stress levels in check to remain healthy. Lucky Number: 6; Lucky Color: Sea Green