Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #75

We watched with trepidation and dismay as the Trump administration slowly began to dismantle every social and economic policy established by President Obama.

Trump made his purposes abundantly clear as he appealed to a base that approved his plan to eradicate every law, act and regulation put forth by the previous administration.

It has been absolutely disheartening to see each and every agency with a terminator in charge tear it apart, whether it was climate change, normalization with Cuba, planned parenthood, immigration, gun control, foreign agreements, labor or tariffs.

Now, another one of the hallmarks of Obama’s legacy is slated for the dustbin as Trump plans to encourage the nation’s school leaders and university presidents to do away with affirmative action and impose race-blind admissions standards.

This is a direct hit on Obama’s policy to consider race as a factor in the diversification of the college campuses across the nation.

Such a measure harkens back to the race-neutral methods of the repressive past Trump is determined to resurrect.

When it comes to race factors we know that Trump is hardly neutral—he has demonstrated again and again his white supremacist impulses, and, like Rep. Waters on his impeachment, we are unequivocal about these feelings.

A recent report that by 2045 whites will be a minority in America is a concern that may be central to Trump’s outlook. This, of course, is highly speculative in the same way that his heated, hate-filled rhetoric about the media may have encouraged the shooter at the Capital Gazette newspaper.

Black Americans are already hampered by innumerable obstacles in the quest to succeed in this country, and affirmative action has since its inception helped us attain higher educational plateaus.

To remove this ladder, to kick affirmative action to the curb, is more than a rebuke of Obama, it’s a removal that affects millions of Black Americans, another retrenchment tool by Trump.

And we know that if this issue ends up in the Supreme Court it’s dead on arrival as Trump prepares to nominate a justice who will kowtow to his agenda.

Against the increasingly gloomy social and political horizon, there is something to cheer, however, as we noted in last week’s editorial: the surprising Democratic primary victories across the nation.

We have to harness this momentum, keep the engines pumping and add more voices to our charge that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!