The Cosmopolitan Review January 4 - January 19

Yvonne Delaney Mitchell | 1/4/2018, 8:15 p.m.
Faith, family, peace, goodwill and good deeds—just a few phrases to start off the new year, along, of course, with ...

Faith, family, peace, goodwill and good deeds—just a few phrases to start off the new year, along, of course, with your resolutions. Always starting the new year off is the last major event of the old year. The 2017 Comus Ball lived up to its reputation as being the big daddy of galas. This year, along with the invitation was a special note card stating ladies had to wear floor-length ballgowns. Anyone wearing a mini would be turned away at the door, making the ballgown tradition mandatory. How else do you keep a tradition but to add a “you’d better or else” clause? The women beautifully adorned beside the men in tuxedos (no business suits allowed), guess danced and made merry to the spectacular sounds of Dan Anderson and the Versatiles.

Remember Doug E. Fresh’s Chicken and Waffle restaurant? Well it is back in all its glory. No, not Doug E. Fresh (who we love dearly) and not the chicken and waffles. The 133rd Street venue has been taken over by Ponty restaurant owner and is now formally known as Renaissance Restaurant. The menu is extensive, food is outstanding, décor is luxurious and prices are reasonable. If you love Ponty Bistro, and I know you do, then treat yourself to a night of dining at Renaissance.

“Access, opportunity, excellence,” another phrase worth contemplating, is the message put forth by Dance Theatre of Harlem, welcoming all aspiring classical dancers to audition for the spring 2018 program. The audition takes place Sunday, Jan. 7 at the school, located on West 152nd Street. Visit the website for advance registration.

The beginning of the year always makes me a bit nostalgic for the old year. Reflecting on family, friends and events I fondly remember make them seem as if they occurred another lifetime ago; hence, the importance of documenting everything either in written word or photos. I was the biggest fan of the disposable camera once available at CVS. On finishing a roll of film, you could simply take the camera back to CVS, where the pictures were developed in both a print and a compact disc version. That was great because I was able to post my prints in a photo album. I enjoyed filling the pages with photos that showed a chronological progression of my life as it unfolded, and I enjoyed looking back at the occasions even more.

I am now somewhat saddened that the photos stop at the same time as the demise of the disposable camera, leaving the gaps in years. I always promise myself that I am going to download my digital photos from my phone or camera, print them, and once again resume filling the pages of my album. I haven’t found the time, although it is always in the back of my mind to do so. You can imagine my joy at having discovered the print your photos machine at none other than CVS. I gave it a quick run and for 32 cents a print, I can begin printing my little heart out. My photo albums would be among the important documents I would grab if I had to leave my apartment immediately. I have an easily accessible envelope where I keep important papers such as marriage/birth certificates, passports and Social Security cards. The cell phones are always kept in the same place, so no searching there. The photo albums are all together, so with one scoop I have them all.