Worries end with berries

Dr. Gerald Deas | 8/30/2018, midnight
In life, we all will have worries that are oftentimes not under our control.
Berries Pixabay

In life, we all will have worries that are oftentimes not under our control. Worries can lead to depression and other unhealthy states such as hypertension, diabetes and mental depression. These conditions are often treated with medications that help to control them. However, in some cases such as mental depression the body produces high energy atoms which are known as free radicals that are capable of destroying healthy cells all over the body, including the brain. To fight these little devils, “free radicals,” there are foods that produce substances to neutralize these radicals known as antioxidants.

It is known that many berries such as strawberries, cranberries and a host of other blue, purple and red berries contain a high concentration of polyphenols which can neutralize the effects of free radicals which are so destructive to other cells.

Suggestions to achieve optimum use of berries to prevent cellular destruction of other organs such as the brain and cardiovascular system include the following:

Berries should not be eaten with milk, because milk has a protein that binds up the polyphenols preventing their action in destroying free radicals.

Frozen berries are good, however fresh, organic berries are better.

Dried berries without sulfites are berry, berry good.

Cooked berries are not as beneficial as fresh, ripe berries since the polyphenols are destroyed during the cooking process.

Some following quotes may be helpful in understanding the usefulness of berries and their protection in the brain:

“The human mind refuses to imprison itself and continues to reach out for that fruit of knowledge which it well knows is beyond reach.” Jawaharlal Nehru, 1889-1904, Prime Minister of India.

“The mind is like the stomach. It is not how much you put into it that counts but how much it digests.” Albert Nock, 1872-1945, American author.

I suggest that if you wish to keep your mind focused and worry free, a dish of colorful berries might help you to control your worries.